Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Best Dad Ever!

Good Morning! And its another post from me featuring one of my favourite retiring sets BEST DAD EVER!!! I love this set and think it is often overlooked as a Father's Day set but its so much more than that. !

You get the tie image and then 4 useful sentiments. I think this is a great set as it is fantastic for cards for 18-30 something males which I think are quite hard to cater for! Or what about for someone who has just got a new job??

Here are a few of my makes! I seem to only like using this set in one colour combination!!!

Remember the Dad stamp which is part of the For my Family set is also going!

If you would like to pop this on my next order then its going in tonight so feel free!
BEST DAD EVER - £13.95 in clear/ £16.95 in wood


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