Tuesday, 30 October 2007

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New Cards and patience (or lack of it!)

Well I've been busy with Christmas cards for a couple of card stalls I am doing over the next couple of weeks as you can see from the piccies above!

You will notice that none of the cards have sentiments on them. I have left a gap at the bottom to run a sentiment across once I decide how many of each I need, ie Mum & Dad, Grandma Granddad etc.....

Waiting for stash in the post, but its 11.51 and still no postman, they used to deliver at 8.30!!! Waiting for some fab ribbons I ordered on Friday and some stamps I won on Ebay and images from a swap I did with a fellow blogger! And hopefully my Craftwork Cards monthly newsletter!

I have no patience though, I am so bad but at least I realise I am!!! Don't even mention how excited I get at Christmas!!
Still no postie and its now 11.58!!!!!!!

Monday, 29 October 2007

Been tagged??

I've been tagged by Nikki, not sure what to do!!! But anyway!!
.1. If you could have 100.00 worth of scrapbook paper or assorted embellishments, which would you choose?
Scrapbook paper, deffo!
2. If you had to choose between using only stamps or rubons, which would you choose?
3. If you knew how to do both awesome cards and layouts but could only do one for a whole year...which would you do?
Cards definately, especially because I sell them
!4. Would you rather own a scrapbooking store or have your own scrapping room at home
I would want a huge scrap room like you see on the USA blogs
5. And last but not least, what is your CURRENT cardmaking or scrapping style....Now this can be tough to nail down
Used to be papercrafting techniques but recently got more into stamping.
OK now I have to tag some people!!!
I tag
NattyK -Crafting Fun
Sue - Slumber Cards
Michelle - Card Grotto
Tara - Taras Designs
Julie Hickey
Also 2 lovely people have nominated me for a smile award thing but I have no one to send it to cos all the blogs I read have got them already!!
Made quite a few cards today but will wait until daylight to take photos!!
Night Night

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Back to School

Well its back to school for the boys tomorrow and back to work for me, only Monday morning and then not until Friday morning so not too bad!!!! Got loads of cards to make for some card sales I have coming up!!! Can't get fired up to make them at the minute, I think I have too many ideas in my head, need to go back to basics!!!! Been to rehearsal for my show this afternoon, went quite well!! Here are some photos of my craft room I have been re-jigging it this weekend, still got some bitsto change here and there, photos will be better in daylight too!

This is my big new unit, its still a bit messy but much better than before!

My desk and my new Papermania tote bag!!! Note I ALWAYS have a can of Diet Coke, its my trademark!!!

Photo taken from doorway, on the left used to be an old dressing table crammed with stuff, this has now gone and the 2 white units at the end are both new from Ikea, got loads more room to move around now and got room for NattyK now!!!

Thats it for now better go and make some cards, school uniform ironed, kids bathed and in bed, husband watching Sky Sports, can of Diet Coke at the ready, on my marks, get set, GO!

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Hold me Bat Boy!


This card won't make sense to many people but I am appearing in Bat Boy the musical in just over 2 weeks time and this is one of the good luck cards I have made.
The marketing posters for the show are all in yellow and red and the opening song is called "Hold me Bat Boy", Bat boy is almost naked when he is found, hence the little bare person holding the bat!!!!

Rehearsals are going well but ticket sales not too good, people don't know the show well enough which is a shame as it is fantastic!! If you live in Leeds please come and see it, Yeadon Town Hall, 13-17 November - I know its a long shot!!!
Craft room is looking a lot better, got my 2 units in place but need some more shelving and little jars/baskets etc.... Back to Ikea tomorrow!!!

My 4 year old helped me sort all my prima flowers in to colour co-ordinated jars tonight, bless him, he really enjoyed it!!!
Thats it for now!


Saturday, Saturday....

Didn't sleep very well last night, starting with cold so was up and down blowing my nose and getting a drink etc... Hubby got up with kids and I had a lie in until 9.00!!

Had a sort out in my craft room last night, same old story just got too much stuff but still want more!!! I tend to give things to my boys as they like to make cards and do "craft" as they call it!!

Got a few rubber stamps to put onto Ebay and some Sizzix stuff I do longer want as I've got my Cricut. Just waiting to buy the Paper Dolls Dress Up cartridge!!! Going to order it from the USA, comes out on 1/12/07!!!!

Did a few cards last night for a show I am involved it!!!! I am a bit of a "lovey" and I am involved with a local amateur theatre group. I say amateur but in July we peformed We Will Rock You the Queen musical and the audience thought we were a professional company on tour!!!!

Anyway we are doing Bat Boy the musical. It is fantastic but no its not about Batman's son!!! It is about a boy who is half bat/half boy and is found in a cave in a small town in the south america, the story is about the predjudices he faces as he tries to become a "normal" boy!! It is very moving and also very funny.

So made a few Good Luck cards to sell to the cast!!!! We did Annie last year and I sold loads to all the parents whose little girls were in it!!!!

Well I've been rambling and no photos to upload!!!!


Friday, 26 October 2007

I have cards and a craft room for you!!!

Well I've managed to get my photos on my laptop with minimal trouble, had 1081 pictures on my media card though!!!! Oops think I had better delete some!!
Well here is my little craft room, its lilac and turquoise as it used to be my son's nursery!!! He is in a bigger bedroom now. Desk from Ikea.

Made this little fella the other night on my Cricut machine, new arrival catridge!!! Cut the eyes out myself but would have been better with real googly eye thingys!!!

Card made with Winobella stamp (cheers Natty) and also used a layout from one of Nattys cards!

Mr Frosty woodware stamp coloured in with Whispers pens, Cuttlebug snowflake embossing and stickled the scarf, sentiment from Craftwork Cards (my bestest place to shop and workshop!!!)

Penny Black stamp, paper pinched from one of Natty's stacks, think it was Spring Stack (DCWV), floral sentiment again is from Craftwork Cards.

Well cards as promised!!!!!! Will try and get some more on later

Friday Feeling?

Well the weekend is almost here!!!! No work in the morning for me, its great to have a Saturday off. Planning a trip to Ikea to maybe look at getting another storage unit for my craft room.

No cards to upload as I have tried to download the software from my mobile but it won't work!!! Boo!!!! Got cards to show you but might have to resort to old methods for now!!!!

Been blog surfing this morning, gosh how talented are some peeps out there!!!! Makes me want to buy more stuff though!!! Really tempted with the Hanna stamps but need to wait until next month as funds a bit low at the moment as I have bought my lovely new laptop!!!!

Better go make lunch!!

Ciao for now!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Not much crafting!

Been out of the house for most of the day so very little crafting today!!!
Got some wedding samples made up and ready to post out and my lovely buddy NattyK brought me some stamped Winobellas round tonight!!!!
Laptop still working out but haven't got sorted out for downloading pictures etc., so here are a couple of older ones!!

The moment of truth!

Well moment of truth today, could I log onto my laptop without hubby here??? Well here I am eating my Branflakes sat on the settee on my laptop, (well not actually sat ON my laptop but you get the idea!)

Going to take the boys to see Ratatouille at the cinema today then got the dreaded weekly supermarket shop after that!

Got a wedding order to carry on with tonight aswell as a few card orders so will try and post piccies later!

Thats it for now, over and out!

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Drum roll please......... I am wireless!!!

My lovely Robin has sorted this out for me!!!! Its taken him around 6 hours and a trip to PC World but he's done it !!! Bet he will be glad to be back at work tomorrow!!!! So I am now wireless but cannot add any photos from here as no idea about accessing shared files etc yet but I suppose we'll get there soon!!

Think I had better go buy him some lagers from the off licence!!!!

Back soon


The wonders of technology!

Well today has been a momentous day! After weeks of umming and ahhing I have finally bought a laptop!!! To be honest I need it for my business as I am hogging the family PC plus my husband feels like he is a single Dad when the kids are in bed as I am always upstairs!! (on the plus side though, he's never watched as much Sky Sports!!)

Anyway I was really pleased with my bargain laptop with its lovely silver casing and everything! 4 HOURS my husband has been trying to set up wireless access for me!!! He's been on the phone to one of those call centres abroad for 1 hour without any joy.

Anyway he's now gone to PC world in the hope of an elusive adapter that we think we may need!!!! The annoying thing is, is that he asked the guy in the shop if he needed one of these in the first place!!!

Back to cards, not had much chance to make many more but am going to try to upload some after my recent failed attempts!!!

Hey its worked!!! Bauble card kit from Cratwork Cards
Hubby phoned to say he will be back in 5 minutes with the adapter!!! Wish me luck!!!

Sunday, 21 October 2007

School holidays and all that!

Wasn't at home much through the day on Sunday but managed to make 11 cards tonight!!! Had a bit of a black and hot pink theme going on so I was on a roll!!! Will take some piccies later!!

Still eagerly awaiting my stash from the Glitter Pot and a magazine subscription, hoping it arrives today!!!!!!

Made quite a few cards over the last couple of days as I need to build my stock back up from the Card Sale I did on Tuesday!!!

I keep trying to add photos but had problems last night and just now!!! Don't know whats happening!!!

Anyway school holidays this week so no work - YEAH but kids at home so don't know how much crafting will get done!!!!

Will keep trying to add the piccies!

Friday, 19 October 2007

Someone has read my blog!!!

Woah!!! Someone (other than my bestest craft bud Natalie who I made read it!!!) has read my blog!!! And left me a comment!!!

Been working this morning (teach music classes 3 mornings a week) so not much crafting today. Had a wedding sample to make up and package and post out for this afternoon.

WAITING FOR STASH TO ARRIVE!!! Ordered £50 worth of goodies from The Glitter Pot yesterday!! Ordered 3 Woodware stamp sets, Hero Arts dinosaur stamp, Changito Monkey stamp and Penny Black Gift Tower stamp!! Can't wait to make cards with these, especially little boys cards as I need to do more of these type!

My craft bud NattyK has really got me into stamping, she has loads of them!! Its great since we have found each other cos now we can share things between us. I have a Cricut and Natty has a Cuttlebug so its supposedly saves us money but I think we egg each other on to buy more stuff!!

Fingers crossed my new toys arrive soon


Thursday, 18 October 2007

Still finding my way around!

Please excuse me whilst I experiment and find my way around this whole blog thing, its all a bit trial and error at the moment!

Thought I would try and add a couple of cards!!! Hope it works, drum roll please...............................

The first one is my new Beerafella from StampingBellas!!. I love this little guy but my husband doesn't like this card!!! Good job it wasn't for him!!!! Crate paper, Craftwork cards sentiment and Queen & CO brads!!

Did the second one last week. Bella stamp is my craft buddy's, think its Flowahbella but not sure, used Cuttlebug (also my craft buddy's),sentiment from Craftworkcards and used Whisper's pens!!!

Back soon

Testing testing, 12 12

Can anyone hear me!!! Shout if you can. I've spent the last few weeks stalking peoples blogs so thought I would make one of my own!! I am a 34 year old Mum of 2 gorgeous boys from Yorkshire, England. Love cardmaking, not quite caught the scrapbooking bug yet but appreciate the concept of it and admire peoples creations. I have recently branched out into Wedding Stationery but love to make cards as it allows me to be more creative!!!

Hoping to add some pictures soon (once I figure out how!!)

Thats all folks for now