Tuesday 27 November 2007

Oh what a night........

........we had last night!!! My son (age 8) went to bed complaining of earache, dosed him up with some paracetamol but he woke up at about 10pm in complete agony, he cried solidly for over an hour!!! Still wasn't asleep at midnight. He got in to our bed with me (hubby was relegated to sofa and had to get up at 6 to fly to Edinburgh today!!) but he was in and out of different beds all night!!! Took him to see the doctor today who said his ear is very very red and looks very painful, given him some ear spray!!! Please send me good vibes that he will sleep tonight!!!!!

This card is made with some of the lovely things I got last Thursday on my outing for Stickles that turned into a £57 spending spree!!!! The stamp is by Stamps Happen, the little snowflakes are a tiny Stampendous stamp using Versa Colour (Bark) , the image is mounted onto Bazzill Bling. Its a small card but I like it and its quick and easy so think I am going to do these for my family
Its my sisters birthday on Thursday so my poorly boy found the energy to make this card for his Auntie Claire this afternoon. I stamped the monkey and he coloured it in and mounted the letters using 3D foam and he decided on the layout!!!! Hope she likes it

This is my card to my sister, good old Craftwork Cards handbag, so quick to make and look so effective!!!!!!!
Bye for now

Monday 26 November 2007

More cards and chat!

Well I finally remembered to take some photos this afternoon, weather was a bit grim so they might be a bit dark but its the best I could do!!

This card was made for an order for someone who is a Man United fan, she wanted a big card with his name on and his age. Paper from a pad I got at Northern Papercrafts Extravaganza and I stamped all the little footballs and cut them out and added with 3D foam pads

This card is for the same guy but its from his nephew who I think may be about 3 years old so I wanted to make it a bit more child-like! Stamp is by Inkadinkado (me and Natty getting into these at moment!!) and paper fromsame pad as card above, sentiment as always is from Craftwork Cards!

Another order, this one is for a guy who I used to work with to give to his wife for their anniversary. She likes monkeys! So I hope she likes this card. Papers are the new Sandylion ones I got last week, I thought they would be good for Valentines cards!!! Stamp is Changito solo, heart cut out on my cricut and then used shadow effect to cut the outer red heart.
Hope you likey!!!

Blog Candy Challenge

Oooh never really done a challenge before but I am an avid reader of Kim Fee's blog so decided to come up with a card for her blog candy challenge!!!I was asked to make a larger size card for someones Mum who is going to be 65. The customer like the Enchanted papers from Craftwork Cards so I made this one. Card is A5 in size. Hope you like it Kim!!


Sunday 25 November 2007

Another week gone!

Well another week been and gone!! Had a lovely weekend, my boss paid for myself and her to go and see Blood Brothers. I've never seen it before, seen most of the major musicals but somehow never got round to seeing it!! Anthony Costa from Blue was in it and he was excellent, his acting was fab!

Just a couple of really quicky cards for you today!!! Both my boys had seperate parties to go to yesterday so these were the cards I made for them. Very simple but they were rush jobs!!!

Hero arts dinosaur stamp, cuttlebugged background, thanks for the loan Nat!!!

One of my favourite stamps, Great Expressions, stickled the banana!!! More cuttlebug action!!

Got loads of cards to add tomorrow when I get some decent pictures, so watch this space!


Thursday 22 November 2007

Retail Therapy

Needed some more Stickles Glitter Glue as I was running low so I popped to the craft shop about 6miles away. Well cam back £57 worse off!!!!! I can't help it, I see so many lovely things!!!
Here's a selection
Found this lovely stamp which I am going to use to make my family cards
Another selection of goodies!!!

The papers on the left are new (well I think they are, not seen them before) Sandylion papers in gorgeous reds and blacks, some with hearts so thought they would be good for Valentines cards.

Working in the morning - BOO! So not much crafting tomorrow



Had an order for 6 handbag cards in different colour designs so was busy with these last night, they don't take very long once you decide your design.
The card blanks are from my very favourite place, Craftwork Cards and so are the sentiments, various ribbons used some from my trip to Florida earlier in the year!

Makes a nice change from Christmas cards anyway!!!!
Got loads of orders to be getting on with but seem to spend more time browsing about on my laptop reading blogs, anyone else like that???
Bye for now

Wednesday 21 November 2007

What a week........

.......last week was, never ever again!!!!!!! This is what I had on the go last week.
a) Appearing in a musical every night was there from 6.30.until 10.30 every night
b) Craft fair on Monday night (that someone ran for me but I had to set up!)
c) Worked 3 mornings teaching my music classes
d) Finished off a wedding order and sent out
e) My sons fifth birthday on the Tuesday
f) Cards to make for a card stall I did yesterday!!!!
Oh my god I was Wonderwoman last week, I am feeling the strain though this week and its nice to stay in on these cold dark nights!!!!
The show was a brilliant success and we were all sad it was over (think I was the only one who was a little bit happy so I can get back to my crafting!!)
Made some cards for orders for a shop I sell to today but pictures really dark so will take more tomorrow.
Spent last night watching I'm a Celeb whilst blog surfing on my laptop, I love having a nosey!!!
Ciao for now!!

Friday 16 November 2007

I got better piccies for you!!!!

Better pictures of Bat Boy the musical for you now!!! The first one is Bat Boy, hanging upside down and still singing at the same time!!!

This next one is my favourite thing I do in the show!1 It is when the Bat Biy has learned to speak and eventually he graduates!!! (all in the space of a 5 minute song!!!)
I am the shortest on the left with a gown and hat on!!

Finally this is me as my pregnant lady character, I am the one with the red coat and glasses on, we are supposed to look a bit dim!!See how many women dressed as men you can spot and vice versa!!


Thursday 15 November 2007

I have cards!!!

At last I have had time this week to make some cards. Its been so hectic with the show and Evan's birthday and Christmas card orders, don't think I'll be doing one again at this time of year!!!

Made some cards up today for orders that I had

Craftwork Cards plum pudding paper and card blank, berisfords grosgrain ribbon

Everything as before

Good old Mr Frosty, he's so versatile!!!! Cuttlebug - Sledding, stickled and coloured with Whispers pens

Reminisce paper, letters cut out on Cricut, George font, stickled with lime green.
Better go and get ready for tonights performance, the audience loved it last night, they were laughing all the time, much better than the grumpy ones on Tuesday night!!!

Wednesday 14 November 2007


Sorry about the link think you need to be on Facebook to access them.
Will try and get some better pictures.
Thanks to everyone who has sent me good luck messages, it means a lot!!!! 4 more performances then I can have a little rest!!!!!
Rehearsals start in 1 week for the next show - The Full Monty!!

Oops forgot the card


Bat Boy and Card

I have taken these images from Facebook and don't know how to get them bigger!! Anway on the first one I am the shortest person on the left with a hat on and dark hair and on the other one I am the person with the red jacket on. Now if you think we all look a but strange we are supposed to!!! There are men dressed as women and women dresses as men, please see the front row!!! I just had to be a pregnant woman so that was quite easy for me!!!!

If you want to see more here is a link


Don't know if it will work


Hello strangers!

Not been on for a while as been soooo busy!!! It was the opening night of Bat Boy the Musical last night, went very well, I did everything right and in the right place!!!!! Will try and upload some photos onto my blog or post a link to where you can view them
It was also my little boys birthday yesterday (bad timing with the show!!!) so I made 2 cards, one from myself and hubby and one from his brother, will upload these later too!!
Lots of stuff on the go too at the moment, with card orders and wedding orders!
I'll be back soon with pictures

Thursday 8 November 2007

No crafting

Well been quite busy with my wedding stationery so not much crafting, had a crafty session at Natalie's yesterday but haven't taken photos yet and its too dark now!!
WOn't be around that much as my show (Bat Boy) starts in 5 days time and its solid rehearsals until then from tonight!!! Tonight is the first time we get to perform on the stage with the set and the lights etc...
I have a new friend his name is Cuttlebug, I am looking after him whilst Natty is on her hols, he would have been lonely just sitting on her shelf so he is coming to play at my house for a week!
Thanks Nat!

Tuesday 6 November 2007

New cards

Made 7 or 8 cards this morning, here are a selection!

Order from my Mum for my cousins birthday, he is 19 I think!!He has auburn hair so I made the Bella fella to look like him!! Paper is from Crate paper, sentiment from Craftwork Cards

This one is for my cousin from my Grandma, my Mum always gets the cards for her as she is in a home. DCWV paper and WOodware stamped shirt, Craftwork Cards sentiment.

Just a little Grandma card for my Christmas stock, Craftwork Cards everything!!! Except the ribbon!

Part of an order for someone, still needs sentiment adding on

Again part of the same order, needs sentiment adding!!
Well thats it for me today, got rehearsal in 90 minutes. We only have a handful left as we start our show a week tonight, so this time next week I will be V busy!!!
Take care

The Romans have landed!

Well guys as promised heres my eldest in his Roman costume, everything made by my own fair hands!!! Hope he's not going to be too cold at school, he's taken some trousers and shoes for playing out in!!

Crafting today so will have cards later!!

Monday 5 November 2007

Cards and the Romans!

Its Monday again!!! Yeah!!! Unlike a lot of people I love Mondays as I work a back to front week, I work Friday,Saturday,Monday so to me Monday teatime is like a Friday teatime to most others!!!! No work again until Friday!!
Anyway made a few cards yesterday morning, as before I have left sentiments off lots of them until I decide what type of cards I need for my Christmas sale

Dovecraft backing paper, good old Mr Frosty (again), ribbon from Ben Madigan and Daughter sentiment from Craftwork Cards, stickled with Star Dust

A different Mr Frosty image with Dovecraft paper, card blank from Craftwork Cards and ribbon as before

Penny Black stamped image (thanks to Michelle S) can't remember where the paper is from (its last years!), brown organza ribbon

Penny Black snowman from Michelle S, ribbon is Papermania and lilac pearlescent card with CUttlebug embossing.

Penny Black stamp (thanks Natty) and Craftwork Cards paper and sentiment.
Now for something a bit different which has put my crafting skills to the test. My eldest son, in Year 4 has got a Roman themed day at school tomorrow and they have to dress up (thanks teachers!) in a Roman style costume. He is wearing a white robe which I have sewn myself and trimmed with ribbon, with a cloak and belt, sandals and a sword.
But I am most impressed with the leaf headdress I made him this afternoon. I made a circle of twisted craft wire and then pulled some leaves from our overgrown laurel bush (knew it would come in handy one day!) and then I added wire to each one individually and then twisted them onto the circular headband.
I'll post a piccie of him in his full outfit tomorrow!!


Saturday 3 November 2007

Here's one I've just found

I JUST LIED TO YOU, I have got a card for you!! I made this with the intention of submitting it to the Daring Cardmakers ribbon challenge but I forgot and I think I have missed the deadline so I will share with my lovely buddies who read my blog!!

Good old Mr Frosty stamp from Woodware, cuttlebug snowflake background, pink grosgrain ribbon and sentiment from my all time favourite shop www.craftworkcards.co.uk
Bye for now

Nothing to report!

Well not much card making action over the last couple of days. Been doing a wedding order so had a nice little break from Christmas cards!!
Going to my Mum's tonight with the boys for a bit of a firework party!!
Got some lovely ribbon stash from Ben Madigan crafts today and I also signed up to Little Silver Hat ribbon subscription aswell yesterday!!
No cards to upload but thought I would post these improved photos taken in the daylight of my craft room!!

Sue T - If you read this, please note the Diet Coke!!

If you are playing with fireworks tonight stay safe!

Thursday 1 November 2007

A stamping morning

Well my buddy Natty has been round, we have had a stamping frenzy this morning!!!! And we had loads of room in my re-jigged craft room!!!
Made the cards below yesterday. Had an image swap with Nikki from Nikki's cards and news and she has sent me some lovely Magnolias!! I LOVE them, was a bt daunted colouring them in at first but I am pleased with them.
Again I have left most of them without sentiments so I can add them later when needed!
Winobella coloured with Whispers and used DCWV pocketful of posies card, prima flowers and papermania adhesive stones
Magnolia stamp (courtesy of the lovely Nikki!) coloured with WCP and used Craftwork Cards Cupcakes paper with hot pink beirsfords grosgrain ribbon

Magnolia stamp again, coloured with WCP and cut circles from my Cricute, DCWV pocketful of posies paper and american crafts ribbon

Last Magnolia for the day, Craftwork cards paper again, ribbon from Hobbycraft.
Thats it for now!!