Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I heart Scrapbooking

Hello there
Very late post from me today, have had such a busy day and only just had time to sit down at the laptop!! This afternoon I have been with one of my brand new team members, Shazza, helping her get sorted with her Starter Kit and with some card samples. Had a lovely time and it was lovely to see all Shazza's new kit spread out on the table, makes me think back to when I signed up!! You get LOADS of kit for your £119!!!!!
So last night was the first Scrapbooking class of this week and indeed of this year and the theme was BABIES!!! I have showed these layouts before but I cant resist showing Evan off one more time!

I just love how I did his name (if I do say so myself!!).

We had a couple of new people this time, one was my Mum who is making a scrapbook of my Nephew Lucas (and I have to say she really got into it) and the other new attendee was my Ross!!

I recently bought him this printed scrapbook album, yes we now sell printed albums!! Great value at £16.95 and come in 3 designs. I am encouraging him to do an album of his cricket so last night when he heard Grandma was coming he asked if he could join in! I let him but he hasnt paid me his class fee yet!!!

Here are his layouts. They are using photos from last years Cup Final, which was a local derby match. He came up with the titles and made the cricket balls etc..

And I just love how he has got into the journalling!!! He is more adventurous than me!!!

I love that we can now do this together as its not easy to get boys crafting!!
Please leave a comment for him as I know he would love to read them!!!
Bye for now
Jules xx


  1. Great layouts - nice to see a young lad taking an interest in crafting

  2. Well done Ross, you did better than any of us last night. I didn't even try to do journalling on mine!
    Can't wait to see your next pages at the next class!!

  3. Love the scrapbook pages Ross, great journeling and fab cricket balls.
    Can't wait to see the next one.

    sarah x

  4. Ross, well done, how fab are your scrapbook pages....please can I have some lessons..... Look forward to following your cricket progess.....Fab, Fab, Fab...
    Another Jules x

  5. I am loving the scrap book pages!! The cricket balls are fab!!! xx

  6. Well done your first pages look great. You never know one day you may follow in the footsteps of Tim Holtz. Chris

  7. Well Ross I think you have done a fabulous job!! I can tell you had a good teacher, I love hand written journalling I think is very important in scrapbooks, I look forward seeing more of your cricket pages. Well done you. Hi Five xx

  8. well done Ross - your scrapbook layouts are looking fab

  9. Wow Ross a talent that you share with Mum, Well done.

    Also well Done Jules for being the featured blog in Jan edition of Cardmaking & papercraft. If you've not seen it there is also a great feture on Convention.

    Have a great day Jules & Ross keep on crafting.

  10. I love these layouts - the baby ones are very cute but the cricket ones are fantastic! The little cricket balls are really cool, very well done!

    Niki x

  11. Great work Ross, I think you could be doing your mum out of a job soon! ;-)

  12. Well done Ross, you are brill at this scrapbooking lark! you might even motivate a few more boys (or girls) to try it out ;-)
    Hugs S.J. xx

  13. WOW! Well done Ross - what a super layout! Well done to Mummy too - two boys who are interested in your crafts - dancing and now scrapping!!!
    Chris xx