Thursday, 12 November 2009

Still ill! :(

Apologies if you popped by to see cards, I am still not well, in fact I am getting worse and it couldnt have happened at a worse time (well apart from last week at Convention!). My little boy is 7 tomorrow and I have hardly done anything, the house is a tip what with 3 of us poorly!!
So you are going to have to suffer more photos from convention!!
I have to say a HUGE thank you to Jo Bee a fellow SU demo for taking most of these photos! I must say I kept finding it a bit annoying that she forever had her camera in our faces buy MY WORD I am so glad you did Jo, or I wouldnt have had such fantastic momentos of a brillint evening! I think Jo's photos really sum up the evening for me although the whole thing was a bit of a blur to me!
Here I am getting my prize for 3rd in Sales, just look at Shelli, she was genuinely delighted for each an everyone out there that evening, she is a star!
Here I am hugging Monica who came 2nd in Sales

And here I am hugging Jenny, 1st place in Sales, I spent a little time with Jenny, wish it had been more, she is a lovely lovely lady, very quiet (unlike me) and loves her Stampin Up and the fact it has paid for her to take her lovely boys on many holidays this year! Lovely lady! xxx

All 3 of the top sales

And here we are with our French and German counterparts, I am sorry I dont remember all their names, I remember Moira from France and Jenni from Germany

I am not sure at what point in the evening this was, I think it could have been for my Recruiting, not sure

Here we have the top recruiters, the catergory in which I came first in the UK

And here are the top 3 demos in the UK. From Left Monica Gale (1st), Me (2nd) and Amanda Fowler (3rd)

I love this next photo, its all the UK demos that were at Convention plus Shelli and Paula (our UK manager). Its a bit like Wheres Wally!!!!! Wheres Shelli!!!!

And finally I will leave you with what I think is a lovely picture of me and my lovely Monica taken by the ever lovely Bekka

I hope my photos have given you a flavour of convention and the perks of being a Stampin Up Demonstrator. If you fancy having a go yourself please get in touch by email at .
Hope I have bored you and droned on too much, off back to my sick bed now!
Jules x


  1. Great photoes, I'm gutted that I couldn't join in!

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Z x

  2. Oh Julie, so sorry to hear you are not there anything at all I can do to help you out? Just let me know and take care and try to rest!!! Love the photos look so glam Elaine x

  3. Fabby photos and what a trio of performers!!! Well Done!! Hope you are all feeling better soon - as to the party- just stuff everything in a few cupboards you will be fine!!!

  4. Aww hun, you looked fabulous up there! Sorry to hear you are feeling rough though, get well soon!

  5. Hi julie

    Congrats on your award, you sound a lovely lady is gorgeous and your cards Fab.....
    Hope you get better soon
    Hugs Sylvie

  6. Well done Jules you all look stunning all glamed up..

    Hugs Christine xx

  7. Julie.. honey bun... get well soon all of you! I thought you looked a bit peeky the other day, but didn't like to say. Hope you feel better soon my lovely,

    Jo x