Sunday, 15 November 2009

Good fun had by all!

It could have been a recipe for disaster!!!!! 8 kids age 6 and 7 in my house all giddy and excited, me not feeling well at all and it was the first time any of them had been to a craft party!
It actually went very well in the circumstances! Evan had a good time and they all got stuck in, even the boys. One of the boys said he didnt like crafting!!! He soon changed his mind when I showed him what we would be making!
Here is the table set up before the chaos began! I bought this table and chairs for when I get my new craft studio built as I will be offering small classes at home.
Of course I got them wound up by telling the boys they would be making this!!! Hello KItty!!!! Pantomine humour always works!!!! So the girls made this!

And the boys did this! It was very tricky as some of the parts are very small, we did lose some of spongebobs socks and bits from time to time but we found all of them so I didnt have to cut anymore out!

Once they had assembled their character I gave them a sheet of A3 card and their names cut out and I asked them to decorate their card. Here is Ben's, he lives a few doors away and whenever he comes round here he always gets the drawing stuff out as he doesnt do it much at home. I knew he would love it and he had such good ideas, look at his Gary the snail, so cute!

Here is Evan concentrating and sticking his stars on.

I have cropped this photo as I dont think its fair to put pictures of other peoples children on my blog but as you can see they are all getting stuck in.

Here is Jake's, he did really well. He is usually a little live wire but he was fab and really enjoyed it, look at his pineapple and the jelly fish!

And of course the girls loved Hello Kitty, Lucy has really gone to town on this one with her decorating!

And here is the birthday boy with his cake!

I was shattered by the end of it and felt so unwell I went to bed by 9.30.


  1. Looks like they all enjoyed themselves. You were very brave to take this on as I know how hyper they get.
    it's nice they all had something personal to take home. I hope you had a good reast & are felling better today Ann x

  2. Looks like they all had a fab time and well done to you for doing so well even when you were poorly,
    Hugs Sarah-Jane xx

  3. Fantastic are such a trooper and even though you felt unwell, you gave your all....and it shows on the faces and work or the children...well done you!! hope you feel better soon Elaine x

  4. Sorry to hear you've been so unwell Julie, I hope you're coming to the end of it. Looks like Evan had a fab party, poor you having to do it while your were poorly! xx

  5. Glad to hear it all went well. You must take some time for yourself now. x

  6. Looks like they all had fun Jules and their artwork is great,well done all of them :o) Hope you feel a bit better today?hugs Andrea xxx

  7. hiya luvly....oh Jules sorry to hear that your still unwell my luvly. OMG!!! what a fab party Evan had, you did brill considering you were poorly too, lovely photos and fab projects they all made too. Take care me lil Yorkshire Pud xx WW xx

  8. Looks like they had great fun!