Thursday, 11 December 2014

Team Christmas Parties

Good Morning to you! Firstly thank you for your texts and messages about my appearance on Strictly It Takes Two on Tuesday. I am so happy to be through to the final of the quiz which will be aired sometime next week, we think! It has been an amazing experience, but a little strange seeing yourself on the television!

We have some new Weekly Deals this week! I am loving the Angled Tag Topper punch, a bargain at £15.71 and great for your tags.
Last week we had our 2 Christmas soirees for the team, one on Tuesday evening and one on Wednesday morning. I usually provide a make and take and a fun game and this year I was a little cruel but we had lots of laughs. I bought some cheap Gingerbread House kits and got the girls into teams. We then blindfolded some of the team and they had to make the Gingerbread House with instructions from the non-blindfolded team members. I said it was team building!!!!

 I love this photo of Anita and Kylie, Anita is so determined!!!
 So this is how they turned out! Have to say the icing wasn’t very good in the kit but it did add to the entertainment! Don’t really fancy eating them do you?
 We repeated the same on Wednesday but with a smaller group so just one blindfolded person!
 I love the laughter on this photo! We really did have lots of fun and made a heck of a lot of mess too!
 The Wednesday ladies didn’t fair too well!!
If you would like to become part of our team then just message me for more information. We do enjoy what we do and have fun with it along the way too.
Until tomorrow
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  1. I don't usually watch Strictly, I only watched it to see you - and thought I'd missed a section. Nope, turns out they just showed a clip of it as a "recap" of something we hadn't seen! So I went back and watched Monday in case I had missed you! Ah well. You did great, and were very enthusiastic with your buzzer! Well done, I hope the final went well too...
    Love the "houses" Great team game idea. Well done to the girls :)

  2. Well done Julie, my hubby put it on catch up for me x Susan x