Thursday, 18 September 2014

Special Cards for Special People!

So unless you have been living under a rock recently or you don't have children you may have noticed that the Disney film Frozen has been an epic hit over the last few months!!! Mini Elsa and Anna costumes are selling like hot cakes. Apparently it is now the highest grossing animated film of all time and the reason little girls are asking people if "they wanna build a snowman" in the middle of summer! I took Evan to see it and as soon as I saw the first 5-10 minutes I said that it will be made into a West End Show and I recently read somewhere that it will be! 

So where is this going? Well I have some lovely new Aussie friends courtesy of this wonderful Stampin Up life and 2 gorgeous little ladies (at opposite sides of the country) were celebrating birthdays a couple of weeks ago. Annabelle in Sydney was going to be 6 and Sophie in Perth was going to be 8 so I set about trying to make them a Frozen themed birthday card. 

I found an amazing video on how to create Olaf the snowman HERE on Michelle Suit's fab blog. She also made a Hawaiian version too which I found on Pinterest. I cased most of it but I don't think she has a video for it, I just added the extras on myself. Don't you just love his little coconut bikini!!!!
 So here is Sophie's card and I had a lovely Skype call with Sophie and her Mum Sarah (my bestest Aussie friend) and sister Hannah on Tuesday. Sarah messaged me to say the package had arrived but she had hidden it that morning and we Skype'd so I could see Sophie open it "live" on the Skype! Isn't technology fantastic when it works like that! It was so lovely to see her little face as she opened the card and gift!

 So I made one for Belle too but I was on a tight time scale with this one and couldn't do her name. I did a 6 using the Metro alphabet and I added sunglasses on this one so they were both a little different. 
These cards are big cards, they are 8x8 inch cards as Olaf ends up being quite big! I would love to know what you think of my Olaf creations as I was rather pleased with them and I know my cute Aussie friends were too!

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  1. Love this Julie - permission to CASE :-) my granddaughter lovs |Frozen and I am making her a 'Frozen' themed cake!!! x

  2. Oh my goodness, this is such a bright and fun card. Love it!
    It's full of little details, so stylish

  3. Fantastic Julie - your Hawaiian Olaf is amazing! Love everything from the coconuts to the grass skirt!