Monday, 20 June 2011

Perfect Prague!

Good Afternoon!!

I am a little late posting today as I am still recovering from my wonderful trip to Prague with Stampin Up!! This was a 4 day all expenses paid trip to this wonderful city where myself and other demonstrators from Europe were treated like royalty!! Once again a huge thank you goes to my lovely team of Jems and my wonderfully supportive customers!!

The trip did not get off to the best start!! I was travelling with my upline Monica and we stayed at the Bewleys hotel at Manchester Airport the night before. We didnt get much sleep, those of you who know us and our ability to chat will understand why!! So we had to get up at 4.30am for our 7am flight to Frankfurt where we would change to a connecting flight for Prague and arrive in Prague for 11.45 (their time) OH NO!!!!!! That did not happen!! All flights into Frankfurt were delayed and we MISSED our connecting flight!!! We were devastated to say the least and had to try to get on the next one at 13.30! We did not manage to get on that flight and ended up on the 16.25 which didnt leave until 17.00!!! We eventually arrived at the hotel at 6.40pm about 6 hours after we should have!!!!!! Everything was a rush then!! The welcome dinner began at 7pm!!!

My room was fantastic, I was so impressed with my name on the screen (it doesnt take much to impress) and I had the biggest room I have ever stayed in!

The bed was gorgeous

The room was very light with 3 floor length windows, beautiful!

The bathroom was huge too with the biggest shower I have ever seen! Although in the photos it doesnt look that big!!!!

My room had this amazing little staircase down into it!!!! I loved it!!

Because we were so late we already had a pillow gift on our beds!! They usually put them out when you are out to dinner but mine was already there!! It was a Springtime Vintage shopper bag and a gorgeous decorated Journal book!!

I love the attention to detail on these little clocks that decorated all our gifts

There were more gifts to come as Monica had bought myself and her other upline on the trip, my friend, Bekka this wonderful gift! A gorgeous watch and here is the lovely decorated box, thanks so much Monica.

Here is the room where we had the first night dinner!! Everything was a bit of a blur for me that night as I was so tired from our hectic day!

And here are the wonderful ladies from the UK, I got to spend some wonderful times with!!

From left to right, Amanda, Michelle, Me, Frank Manu (our UK Incentive Trip Mascot), Natalie, Bekka, Jo, Monica and Paula (our UK Country Manager)

I hope you enjoyed my photos from Day 1!

Will be back with Day 2 tomorrow

Jules x


  1. Wow... what an eventful day 1! Glad you managed to make it to Prague eventually, despite the planes chaos!

  2. Oh no, what a start to the trip! I thought you were going to say that gassing all night meant you overslept and missed your plane. BTW, those steps down into your room remind me of the Big Brother house, LOL!

  3. Sounds like a fabulous time so far Jules. Will be back tomorrow to read Part 2.

    Alex x

  4. Can't believe you had such a nightmare with flights! I know how frustrating it is being stuck in an airport when you have somewhere more important to be!

    Sounds like you had a fab time once you got there; can't wait to read the next installment :-)