Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Perfect Prague - Day 2

Thank you for your lovely comments yesterday, so onto Day 2!! As expected I was very tired after the day before but very excited to see what was planned for us! After a gorgeous breakfast at the hotel we met in the courtyard and were greeted by our guides! We had the lovely Ivana but the lucky German girls had a bit of totty in Karel the male guide who spoke German!!! I do speak some German and was sorely tempted to join them!!! Ich spreche ein bischen Deutsch!!!!

We walked a short way around the corner and we were then told that we were going to be transported to the Castle by tram. Nothing unusual there, Prague has lots of trams but ours was a vintage tram straight out of the museum, just for us!!!!

A very happy Julie!

THis is one of my favourite photos from the whole trip! My lovely friend from down South, Jo!! Was great to spend so much time with her, this was the first incentive trip she has been on!

Here we are enjoying the tram ride!

We were taken to the castle and had a very informative tour from our guide

Here are Monica and Kellie, one of the staff members who organised the whole thing! She is such a sweetie!

Me and Monica at the Castle

It was soon time for lunch and we were taken to this beautiful restaurant which was hired just for our group! The decor was amazing and it was a real sun trap!

We were most excited to see the decorated menus

Here is my starter, I went Veggie for the day as I don't eat fish!! (Does it look familiar Dawn???)

After a gorgeous meal we had some free time and plenty of time to get ready for our Make and Take session in our pyjamas!! I was really looking forward to the crafting and the gifts!! We were all so shocked when we entered the room to find a personalised apron with our names embroidered on them!! Here is me with my excited face!
And modelling the apron!

There were gorgeous cakes

and chocs
And we had a group photo back at Natalies with our aprons on!

This really was a fab day, I loved it all

Come back for Day 3 tomorrow!

Jules x


  1. Thanks for sharing Day 2, looks and sounds wonderful!

    Can't wait for Day 3 tomorrow...

    Alex x

  2. That is an amazing incentive, cant wait to see the apron xx

  3. Amazing photos Jules. The one of you & Jo is gorgeous ( I think of Jo as the Daisy Lady!). The one of you & your apron is priceless!

  4. All hail the apron - on the jealousy scale I'm at about 20/10 so far!

    Can't wait to see you in July and hear all about it

  5. Looks as if you had a great time. Waiting for Day 3. Chris x

  6. Looks like an amazing trip - cracking photos looking forward to the next instalment x

  7. Loving reading all your blogs about your trip, Julie - and the photos are fab, especially the one of you and Jo! x

  8. Sounds like a wonderful trip - can't wait to hear more!

  9. Iam giggling at the salad photo.
    What great gifts.

    The PJ party looks fab.