Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Incentive Trip - Sunday

Hi there! I hope you enjoyed my Convention Post? Today I am starting with Day 1 of the Incentive Trip. Thank you for all your messages and emails saying how much you have enjoyed my posts from Utah! I hope I am giving you a flavour of what it was like for us?

So on the Sunday morning we were collected from outside the Salt Palace Convention Centre and driven by coach to the Deer Valley Resort. We were staying at the St Regis hotel which was nestled right at the top of the mountains. It is a ski resort and it would be lovely to go back and see it in the winter although I am not sure how the coach would make it up the roads in the snow!

Here is the hotel in the fore ground of this photo!

We were blown away by our room, we had a double bed each and I laid like a starfish every night!

Lovely little welcome basket awaiting us on our arrival! I took the bed by the window!

The bathroom was amazing and had a shutter through the the bedroom, as well as having a TV in the middle of the bathroom mirror!

This was our view from the hotel room! Imagine these ski runs in the winter! Bet it looks amazing!

One of my favourite things on the incentive trips is hanging about in the Hospitality Room with the Stampin Up corporate team and the Special Events team (who organise the whole incentive trip!). The rooms are always decorated beautifully and there are jars of sweets (or should that be candy?) everywhere!

There is also always a game for you to have a go at each day to win prizes! Usually its spin the wheel but this year it was Plinko!!!

When we arrived there were drinks and snacks and I loved this Cola bottles!! The popcorn below was the best I have every tasted - Caramel and Chocolate!

We took over what is normally the library for our Hospitality Room this year!

On the Sunday evening we had a welcome meal in the outside area and they constructed this wonderful gazebo for us to dine under!

The decorations were stunning as usual!

And as always there was a little gift! Can you spot that the flower on the gift matches the tablecloth!!!!!

We were so happy to be joined by 4 out of 5 of Shelli and Sterling's daughters and their husbands! We were sat with Shalae and her lovely husband Jon (poor fella got stuck next to me gassing to him all night) and we were opposite the lovely Megan and her husband Nate. Megan was such a lovely lady, really sweet and it was a pleasure and an honour to share her company! Don't think she will forget the girl from Yorkshire with her tales from the Ballroom!!!

Myself and my guest Ellie before the meal.

 When the night drew in the lights looked so lovely and romantic and I missed having my Robino there to share the adventure with me! :(

 After the meal we went for a little night cap and discovered the Funicular railway that transported guests down the side of the mountain to the car park! Ellie was in her element and I think she had 3 or 4 goes that night, as did I!!!!

This is what it looks like in the day time!

We sat outside with our drinks around the fire pit with a blanket around us soaking in all the adventures of our first day!

Of course when we returned to our room there was a pillow gift!! A fantastic Stampin Up jacket in black with a lovely logo! I will have to take a photo of the actual jacket!

Hope you enjoyed details of my first day, will be back tomorrow with Day 2!


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