Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Today I am celebrating with my wonderful family as I reach my 40th birthday! I am so grateful for my lovely family, my fantastic friends and to have lots of lovely hobbies that I enjoy as well as the best job in the world!!

 I was looking back through old photos recently so thought I would share some of me from being about 6 months to about 9 I think! I am the older one in the photos of 2 of us (in case you couldnt guess!)

For those who know Evan my son, don't you think I look like him here??

I was surprised by my lovely boys with banners, bunting and balloons this morning!

I have been overwhelmed with the amount of cards I have received!! These are just a selection! I have another lot in the front room!!!!

Thank you so much for the texts, emails, facebook messages and pressies and cards! I'm off to carry on partying!



  1. Cute photos Julie. Hope you enjoy rest of yr celebrations! Sorry no card from me at moment - life has been a touch fraught. A x

  2. Happy Birthday Julie. I think that R looks more like you, especially around the eyes. Party on !!!!! A xx

  3. Happy 40th birthday Julie x

  4. Have a BIG Happy Birthday Julie x Susan x

  5. Happy birthday to you Julie !!! I hope you have a fine day ...