Monday, 8 July 2013

A Wonderful Weekend

Hi there! Did you miss me? Sorry for the lack of posts! I have had a couple of days off due to my big birthday! 

On Friday night I had a glamorous party which I have been planning for a while - so stressful but on the night it all went well and everyone enjoyed it. I had my friends the Swing Thing guys singing who were just amazing! If you are looking for RatPack, Michael Buble style entertainment then look no further, HERE is their You Tube page.

We all got dressed up and my boys looked lovely as you can see, and really grown up too!!!

My hubby even dusted off the tuxedo for the evening!

 Thank you to all who came along and shared this with me! 

As it that wasnt enough, on Saturday evening I went to a Dinner Dance with special guest stars James and Ola Jordan from Strictly Come Dancing. They did a dance lesson, a Q&A session all about Strictly and then a demo dance. It was lovely to meet them and get their autographs!

I am back to work now this morning, catching up on the emails and prepping for my big Launch Party on Friday night and Team Training on Saturday


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  1. Looks like you have had a super weekend and even hob nobbing with the celebs too - hope you got a dance. Take care x Susanx