Thursday, 1 August 2013

Incentive Trip - Monday

Hello there, hope you enjoyed my post from yesterday? OK so here I am with all the goss from Monday! Monday was technically a FREE DAY, with the exception of "Swaps and Sweets" at 9pm that evening. Ellie my guest decided to chill out and go shopping and I thought I would go have some fun and tag along on a White Water Rafting trip that Paula, our UK manager, had organised! 

Funny story - My hubby saw a comment on my Facebook page from someone saying "Enjoy your rafting today" and he said to me "You havent been rafting have you, surely she missed a "c" off the front"!!!! He knows I am a bit of a scaredy cat but I wanted to get myself of out my comfort zone and I am so glad I didnt miss out!

We were collect by the rafting company directly from our hotel and they drove us to their site on the Weber River. We met them at the bottom of the Funicular railway I shared with you yesterday. That is our hotel at the top!

This is the UK group who went rafting!

And a fun pic!

Looking at the photos it appears I had my mouth open the whole way round!!!

Go Team "Spencer's Stars"!! Spencer was our guide, he was such fun and put up with our singing and screaming!

We just had 5 in our raft, Myself, Jo (up front), Natalie (up front), Paula (hiding a lot) and Paul (Paula's husband).

I love this picture! I look scared to death and Spencer is just smiling as if to say, I've seen it all before!!!

The scenery was stunning.

It was a once in a lifetime trip and I am so pleased I went on it, wouldnt have missed it for the world! We soon dried out in the hot Utah sun!

In the evening we had Swaps and Sweets. We had to make 21 swaps and then Stampin U gave us a bag with 20 swaps back in! They kept one for their display boards! Here are some of the lovely UK girls with Sara Douglass (Shelli's daughter and member of the Corporate team)

This was my swap. You've seen it before at my Technique Class. I enjoyed making it at the time but after scoring over 20 of them I was regretting my decision!

Hope you enjoyed my rafting tales from last Monday! Come back tomorrow for an exciting instalment, the Home Office visit!



  1. You were certainly brave Julie,not sure i would have even got up to the hotel let alone white water rafting :-)

  2. very nice photographs :-)) I had the pleasure to receive your wonderful card, thank you very much
    N@thalie (miss Saucisson!!)

  3. very nice photographs. I had the pleasure to receive your wonderful card, thank you very much
    N@thalie (miss saucisson!!!)

  4. very nice photographs!! I had the pleasure to receive your wonderful card, thank you very much. See you at Manchester et in Caribeans :-))
    N@thalie (miss Saucisson)

  5. White water rafting yahoo! I agree it certainly is exciting (having done it myself) Well done in giving it ago :) Cheers Donna Z