Sunday, 15 March 2015

A busy couple of days!

Good Morning. Those of you not in the UK may not realise that it is actually Mother’s Day here today. It’s all a bit strange for me as my husband and eldest son are actually in Germany at the moment as they went to watch a football match there yesterday! On Friday night I ran a Stampin Up party at the lovely Lucy’s house! Lucy is one of my biggest cheerleaders and has now hosted 10 events in her home for me - I am so grateful and I made her this little gift as a thank you for being the best hostess! 
We had a great night on Friday and I took a photo of the display I set up on Lucy’s TV cabinet. You don’t need loads of room to host an event, I will find a way to create a little display for you!
 So after a late-ish night on Friday, I came home to an empty house (Evan was sleeping at my Mum and Dad’s, thank you) and watched a bit of Comic Relief then I was up early to load the car for my All Day Stamp a Stack. I was in the church hall for 8.40am! I have to say I really missed Mr K as he usually sets all the tables up for me and the chairs and things like Stampin Scrubs etc.... it took me over an hour to do it all! I had 19 lovely ladies join me, 2 brand new and 1 new to an All Day event and it was a lovely day.
I spend a lot of time setting up my displays as I love to provide my ladies with inspiration and a little temptation to purchase too!!!
 I tried to take a few photos of their creations as I went round so here are a few to share with you.
                                Helen’s creations                                             Lindsey’s creations

 You know they are having a good time when the table looks like this! 
For those of you who follow my FACEBOOK PAGE you may have seen these photos
 I rolled out 76 of these on my Big Shot to save time on the day and boy did it save time! There were so many happys that I did joke it looked like Pharrell Williams has had his hair cut!!!!
 My good friend Mel does the catering for us. She does it for a job so she is very very organised. She literally arrives with the food, gets the plates prepped, serves it, washes up, cleans the kitchen and is done just over an hour later! She is amazing!
 And also makes nice cupcakes for us too! I am so lucky that I have this facility and Mel. I love that my ladies get to come and craft and also get to have a lovely lunch without having to make anything themselves!
 The ladies attending all made 24 cards each, which means a total of 456 cards were made yesterday!

 Here are Lynda’s creations. Lynda is one of my lovely new ladies who attended with her lovely daughter Tracy, how nice that they got to share a day together.
 Here is Rachel’s lovely butterfly creation. She adapted my design and came up with her own. She did that a lot yesterday and it’s wonderful to see my ladies have the confidence to change up the designs. It makes my heart happy!
I ran my usual raffle yesterday and I decided to donate half of the proceeds to Comic Relief. I paid the money in as soon as I got home so thank you ladies for helping me to send £50.00 to Comic Relief.
I am running another All Day Stamp a Stack on Saturday 11th July and would love for you to be able to join me then!
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  1. Looks/sounds fab Julie! Love all the makes. I have another all day event in April! Am also lucky enough to have a lovely friend who does the catering. Hope mine is as much fun as yours sounds. Anne x