Thursday, 24 June 2010

A whirlwind post of my trip to Monaco!

Good morning

Well at last here is my little report from Monaco! I have decided to cram everything into one HUGE post for you, so grab a drink and have a sit down!! Its taken me nearly an hour to upload these photos!!!!

OK so this is the first photo I took on arrival on the Wednesday, this is the view from my room, it over looks the front od the hotel and the drive way. On an evening one of the Concierge used to light the lamps and it looked so beautiful.

I forgot to take my camera to the meal on the first night so I have pinched this photo from the lovely Michelle (hope you dont mind!) I am sat with Axel (the German manager) and Jeannette a German demonstrator. It was nice to be able to practise a bit of German although I am very rusty und ich bin nicht so gut!!!!!!

Later on in the evening I had the most horrible headache and Shelli overheard me telling Paula. Imagine my embarrasment when Sterling (Shelli's husband) kindly offered to give me a head massage!!!!!! I was mortified but very grateful at his kind gesture. Anyway I had this lovely massage from Sterling but I still felt bad (nicht so gut) so I went to bed at about 10pm. I never a party early but I just wanted to be right for the next day!!

The next day we travelled on a little coach to Gras and the perfume factory, this is the lovely Jenny and the lovely Moira (from France)

Me and Monica, gosh we laughed so much on this trip!!! This was the only time in the whole 4 days that I wore my little jacket!

When we got to the factory we were ushered up to the "school room" and we walked into this beautiful light and airy room, at this moment I knew we were in for a great day!

Everyone was so excited that we were going to have a perfume lesson!!!

This was our little desk, all laid out so beautifully.

We had a wonderful lesson in perfumery and although the perfume didnt quite turn out to be the next Chanel no 5, I had a fabulous time.

We then travelled on to Eze Village, a wonderful quaint medieval town on a hill. The views were spectacular and we climbed to the top and our restaurant was out of this world!!!! The views were just amazing, I felt like I was in a dream!!!I texted Robin a picture like the one below saying Wish You Were Here, his reply was "It's just like Pudsey!!!!" Ha ha

I love this photo of all the UK girls and Paula, our manager. From left to right we have Me, Dawn, Jenny, Michelle, Amanda, Paula, Monica and Natalie.

There was a lot of fish on the menu on this trip and although I am not a big fan I couldt fail to appreciate the presentation of all our meals, just superb!

So after our meal we wandered around Eze village doing a bit of shopping etc and then got the coach back to the hotel. That evening we went to the Cafe De Paris for a little snack before our PJ party night. We had to get ready in our pyjamas for 9pm and we were greeted by this in the room.

We got a stamp set, ink pads, rub ons, stiched felt, loads of stuff and 3 projects to make. I did make 2 of the projects but I really enjoyed chatting, swapping and eating the lovely "yummies" as Shelli called them.
Amanda very kindly invited us back to her room but before I went I nipped into my room and guess what!! SANTA HAD BEEN!!!!! Woo hooo, there was this gorgeous bag that greeted me on the bed! Oh my word, I love this bag.

Inside was this fantastic beach towel which I will use with pride on my hols to France in a few weeks!!!! It matched the Pink Flamingo papers in the catalogue!

Also we got these fabulous flip flops too!!!

And finally this wonderful cardigan, it is truly gorgeous, the photo does not do it justice, it also fits me perfectly and its 3/4 sleeved so its fab. With me being short I do struggle with arm lengths on clothes as they are too long usually, so this is perfect!

So we went back to Amandas for some fizz (I only had 1 glass but still managed to embarrass myself!!!), here we all are on the bed!

The next day we were "At Leisure" so we could do what we wanted. A group were going to Italy but the train left quite early so I had a leisurely day with Natalie. We had a lovely day wandering around Monaco in the blazing heat and saw some wonderful sights!

We bumped into Shelli and Sterling near the Cathedral so we walked for a bit with them and I took this photo of them outside the Cathedral.

We did have a laugh that day and almost got stuck on one of those little tourist trains that drive around the roads. We thought it took us back to the Casino but then realised it did a round trip so we had to dive of the train when it was stationery for a few minutes!!!
We had a lovely couple of chilled hours around the pool with the German, French and UK demonstrators until it was time to get ready for our Final Night meal. We were told to meet in reception for 7.20 and would be taken to the venue!!!! We were escorted over the road to the Hote De Paris, OMG what a hotel that was, like something from a film!!!! We went up to the 8th floor, fabric lined walls and the strong smell of fresh lillies hit us as we got out of the lift! It was stunning and we had pre-dinner fruit cocktails overlooking the marina!!

We dined in what used to be the private dining room of Sir Winston Churchill which you can see behind Shelli and I, we were truly treated that night and every minute of the trip!

When we got back that night there was another gift for us, this gorgeous patent black bag, oh my it is divine!!

I will leave you with one of my favourite parts of the hotel. NEar the restaurant there was library area but one of the panels had flase books in it a bit like in the Scooby Doo programs. If you look at this photo you can see a handle and it is actually a door to the toilets!!! My boys think this is really cool!!!!

Inside the Scooby Doo toilets!

Even the towels to dry your hands on were perfectly presented!!!

I hope you have enjoyed todays post, it has been really lovely to reminise over last weeks trip. I do feel truly honoured to have been on the first ever European Incentive trip and I than all my customers and my downline for playing such a large part in getting me on the trip - you are so valued by me!!!!
Right better get some work done now and get my head out of the clouds!!
Jules x


  1. fab photos Julie. Looks like the most wonderful trip full of memories too.
    Well done for achieving it

  2. Wow!!! You lucky, lucky girl!!
    Yo have given us all something to strive for. Well done and I just love the presents you got - I'm a "bag" person!!!
    Chris xx

  3. Wow Julie how fantastic!!!! i love the pics,the gifts you got are devine!!!.So glad you enjoyed it it looked very posh in the hotel!!!.

  4. WOW!!! What an amazing trip you had - a brilliant reward for all your hard work. xx

  5. I feel like I've said this on everyone's blogs now, but wow! what an amazing trip they treated you to!

  6. OMG!!!! it looks so fabulous - I am so glad you had a good time - how the other half live!!! x

  7. Hello Julie,
    it was so nice to meet you at Monaco!!
    Du bist super, duper, schön
    Viele Grüße from Germany

  8. Liebe Julie,

    your German was nearly perfect (also sehr gut!). It was really fun to meet you and I hope we will see us in November at Convention. I had so much fun with you and Monica.

    Danke für Deinen Bericht und das Foto!

    Viele Grüße