Saturday, 5 June 2010

Happy Birthday to Ross!

Today my big boy Ross is 11!!!!! I say it every year but I cannot believe how fast he is growing up! He is such a lovely boy and still obsessed with his cricket!!!
Here is a photo I took yesterday of Ross (at the back), baby Lucas and Evan (playing up for the camera - dont know where he gets it from!) on the trampoline!
I will show you the card that I made Ross tomorrow!
I have been busy creating something else which is this little display!!

I was so disappointed at the choice of birthday cakes in Sainsburys that I decided to make Ross some World Cup/Football themed cupcakes! I was up so late last night after my workshop punching those blasted footballs out and sticking them on cocktail sticks but I am pleased with the results. The footballs are from the Just Soccer set.
Some more footballs have been threaded onto Real Red ribbon to make some bunting around the cake stand! I am no cook, believe me but I was quite pleased with my efforts here!!!!
Right I must dash, loads to do!
Back tomorrow
Jules x


  1. Happy Birthday Ross.
    Mmmmmmmmm Jules, these cupcakes look gorgeous and the cake stand looks familiar LOL

  2. Happy Birthday Ross. Love the cakes - ever talented Julie x

  3. What a great idea stamping and punching shapes to stick them on cocktail sticks. I had been thinking of some football cupcakes so might have to pinch this idea! I was thinking of white icing (the liquid type) and a red cross with an icing pen once the icing had set.

  4. these are fab and look so fun
    and i bet sainasburys wont have them !!