Friday, 23 July 2010

The end of an era!!

Oh gosh, this day has been looming for a while and I have to say I am dreading it!! My beloved Ross leaves his lovely primary school. I suppose I just dont want him to grow up and not need me anymore!!!! Its so sad as its such a lovely school and he has done really well there. I know Evan is still there and that keeps me going!!!
So I have had lots of things to make and I did cheat as I made 4 of the bags we made on Saturday so each table had one to copy. I did ask my ladies to take extra care of them as I was going to be using them as teacher gifts!!!
So here is a card to match one of the bags and I will show you the rest over the next few days, please bear with me, it might get a bit boring!
Old Olive and Rose Red combo using Live Your Dream set (again) and the gorgeous Rose Red stitched grosgrain!!
This is the set altogether, Ross took this one in on Wednesday as his teacher job shares and only works Mon-Weds, apparently she really liked it but he cannot remember what she said!!!

The clear bags are just filled with Rose and tied up with more Stitched grosgrain and I have used the tag punches and the Tiny Tags flourish to decorate. The For You is from an old SAB set and I got the little idea from my lovely downline Angela!

Hope I manage to get through the school run tonight without too many tears!! I know I am going to be bad so I am prepared (ish)
See you next time!
Jules x


  1. Hi Julie, going through the same today with my eldest. She was in tears yesterday in the leavers assembly and set me off and she was a bit teary this morning but dreading this afternoon if I'm honest!....youngest still has 5 yrs there though so it's not so bad!
    Keep strong, Nikki

  2. Ahhh, the end of an era - but the start of an exciting new one too! Great cards and gift bags, I bet all his lucky teachers will love them!

  3. I know how you feel as my son Edward left his primary school yesterday - I cried all the way through the Leaver's Assembly which was slightly embarrassing as I work at the school as a Teaching Assistant! Hope it wasn't too bad for you both.