Friday, 22 June 2012

Wonderful Wien - Day 3 - Part 2

Hello there and welcome to Day 3 Part 2 - this was the Friday Night gala night. We were told to dress in Cocktail wear and meet in the lobby at 6.30. Lots of horse drawn carriages awaited us on the street outside the hotel. It was an amazing sight and we felt like royalty being transported to the Museum of Fine Arts in such a manner.

Now I am really allergic to horse hair so I was a touch worried as I did not have my medication with my but the lovely Zoe (Nurfty Neuf) had her Ventolin with her so I felt reassured!!!

It was a beautiful sunny evening and such an amazing treat! Only Stampin Up could arrange all this!

When we arrived at the Museum we were greeted by footman all kitted our Cinderella style and some musicians playing in the entrance just for us. The museum was closed and just opened for us as a private function!

Me and my lovely Robin, note I had to stand on the step so I didnt look so short!!!

Here are the UK demos who earned the trip this year (minus the lovely Jenny who could not make it)

And with Shelli - this wonderful woman has changed my life!

And all the achievers and Stampin Up staff.

The Master of Ceremonies then instructed that we should make our way upstairs.

We were greeted by these lovely tables

In this wonderful part of the museum

Finishing touches were spectacular

Look at the ornate white chalkboard frame - I love it!

I dont know why but I didnt take any photos of the best part of the evening. We had a private performance from the Vienna Boys Choir. Actually I do know why - I was located right at the front, only a few feet from the boys and I was worried my big camera and flash would be too much in their face so I didnt take any photos! The young boys sang beautifully and everyone was choked up when they sang "We Are The World" at the end.

It was a beautiful evening as we made our way out, coaches were waiting for us, everything was always on time!

And look who we sat behind on the coach!!!

Jules x

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  1. great photos lovely,I've got some pics of the choir and a video - will get around to emailing them to you