Thursday, 21 June 2012

Wonderful Wien - Day 3 - Part 1

Good Morning - I am a little later posting today as I am in a lot of pain at the moment - more of that later!!! So today I will share with you Day 3 (Friday) but I will do it in 2 parts as I have so much to share!

During the morning we just chilled out and chatted and had a little wander to the shops! Here is the Hospitality Desk which was open throughout the day and a place where you could go have a drink and a chat with fellow demos and the Stampin' Up! staff!

You could also spin the wheel of course and win freebies every day!

We ell love freebies - right! 

 This is Kellee Sue who works for Stampin Up in their Special Events team. Its her job to organise all the Incentive Trips etc… and she and the other Kellie did an amazing job with the Vienna trip. Such attention to detail and meticulous planning and everything was always on time!

We went for a wander in the morning and were lucky that our hotel was very close to this wonderful building, the Opera House. See that screen to the right? Well on an evening they showed the opera that was taking place inside on that screen and there was seating. How wonderful!

So in the afternoon 13 of us decided to go on a 3 hour Segway tour of Vienna. It started off as a small group of 6 of us but as word spread we got bigger in numbers!

It was decided I should look after Frank Manou the UK mascot so here I am with him attached to my helmet!! Hold on tight Frank!

It was amazing whizzing round the city but it was also very scary as we had to cross really busy roads and tram lines, I didnt like that bit!

Every so often the tour guide - Charles - would stop and tell us a bit about the buildings, history and culture of Vienna, very very informative whilst also being fun!

We also stopped off for a drink of water and a rest

This is the last photo I have of our Segway tour as shortly after this photo (and about 2.5 hours into our trip) I fell off the Segway!!! I managed to clip a lampost as the Segway was doing something funny and I panicked! I flew of the Segway and landed on the kerb! My heroic husband Robin then jumped off his Segway to save me but proceeded to trip over his in the process!!!

The result is that I have sustained whiplash injuries and have damaged my Trapezium muscle and we think Robin cracked a rib!!!!! Would I go on one again? I am not sure at the moment as I am in so much pain but I am so glad we got to experience this!!


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  1. Glad I cushed out of doing the Segway when my husband was suggesting it, hope you're right as rain soon. x