Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Vienna Incentive Trip - Day 2

Hello there! Hope you enjoyed my photos from yesterday! I have got LOADS to show you today so please bear with me!! 

So on the Thursday we had a group activity to Schonbrunn Palace! The coach picked us up at 9am prompt and we made our way to the palace. Robin and I went on the Imperial Tour with a lovely group and we listened to the tour on headsets. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos inside the palace. The tour was very interesting and the palace was spectacular!

After the tour we were led to this room in a separate building and when we walked in it was amazing! We were all going to be learning how to make Apple Strudel!!! It was SO much fun and a great activity for everyone to get involved in!

 There were lots of yummy snacks and treats!

 And we had to wear a special hat and apron!

 Thunderbirds are go!

 The lovely Jo and her travel companion and good friend Julie!

 Flour on my nose!!

 This was Michael our tutor showing us how to make the strudel dough! It was a fine art I can tell you!

 This was how his looked!

This was mine which I was pleased with, no holes!!!! Poor Robin had to do his 3 times as he kept getting holes in his!! I had to help him in the end!

This was how mine looked when I rolled it up!

Everyone having a good time!

 After the Apple Strudel antics we had a wander around the gardens and the grounds which were beautiful and as you can see the weather was amazing!

We then went to the bakery to collect our baked Strudels which had our names on them!

Now bearing in mind that Robin's pastry wasn't very good and mine was really good here are our finished Strudels that they had to cut up to fit in box!


Mine!!! (looks like something that has been run over!)

But we both passed with flying colours and got our diplomas!!!

 That evening we went out for a meal with all the UK demonstrators and their guests which was lovely!

As usual we returned to find a pillow gift which was very appropriate considering todays activities!!!

A gorgeous handmade Twitterpated Oven Glove

And a matching tea towel!!! Think these will just be "for show!"

Hope you have enjoyed Thursday, will be back with Friday tomorrow!

Jules x


  1. I have just turned a lovely shade of green with envy!

    What FUN you had.


  2. Think that mitt and tea towel is definitely for stroking only!!

    And that lacy doily decorating the packaging is too be cherished too xx

  3. That oven mitt and tea towel are definitely too nice to use!!

    And the lacy doily on the packaging, is to be cherished too!! xx

  4. What a fabulous trip - I am so envious, especially the apple strudel bit. xx