Saturday, 23 June 2012

Last photos from Vienna

Good morning! How is the weather with you! Urrrghh its so awful here, constant rain = rubbish!!

So I am back with my last photos from Vienna from the Saturday. We actually came home on the Sunday but I didnt take many photos that day as I had started to be in pain with my neck!

On the Saturday morning we did SWAPS!! I made the Lavender Bags I showed you last week with the help of my 3 musketeers!!!! So here are some snap shots from the swapping which took place in the Hospitality room

 We all gathered round in a circle and one person went around the circle and swapped. This was a great way of doing it, very organised and you didnt miss anyone out.

Shelli even swapped with us 2, 2 gorgeous 6x6 scrapbook pages. I will share all my wonderful swaps I received another day with you!

I grabbed the chance to have a quick photo with Shelli

Later in the day we watched the Gay Pride parade. This event had been happening all week and the parade was a riot of colour and people dressed up (also some a little too "undressed" if you get me)!!!

That night Jo and her friend Julie decided they had eaten so much rich food that they really fancied a pizza, so we joined them, along with Victoria and Tracy and we had a lovely pizza sat outside in the blazing sun!

Look at all that ham on Victoria's!

My gorgeous pizza

 Me and the lovely Victoria

That evening we had Goodies and Goodbyes!! OMG look at all these Goodies!! I was in dessert heaven!!!!

We mingled with everyone and said goodbyes. 

Robin and I loved our trip to Vienna and I want to say a HUGE thank you to my wonderful team of Jems and my wonderful supportive customers, without whom I would not have been on the trip!!

Hope you have enjoyed my little tales of WIen!!!

Jules xx

P.S Back with some crafting tomorrow - loads to show you!

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  1. I have defo enjoyed your recollections of Vienna. Thanks so much for joining us on the last evening =- made it even more special.
    Don't think I'd ever manage to eat that much parma ham even without a starter again!!

    Enjoy Utah lovely