Thursday, 19 November 2015

Brussels 2015

It looks like I have run out of projects to share at the moment as I am saving them up for my event on Saturday so I thought I would take the opportunity to update you with my trip from Brussels.
This year there were only 5 in our team travelling to the first ever Onstage Live event and we had an amazing time. It began on Thursday and ended on Saturday afternoon. We loved meeting Sara Douglass again who always looks amazing and is always happy to humour us with our selfie taking!
I was thrilled to be awarded 2nd place in Sales in the UK and 3rd place in Recruiting in the UK. I love this photo taken by my team member Alex. It shows that the screens are just on a slight delay as I have thumbs up on the screen and not on the little photo of me! He he
So happy to be awarded by Stampin Up and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all. To the lovely people who shop with me and come to my events. Some of you have been shopping with me for a long time and others are relatively new shoppers but I am grateful to each and every one of you. To my class ladies, thanks for coming back to class time and time again. We have a good laugh and we get some nice things made. I hope that coming to class makes a little difference in your life and takes you away from your every day life for just a couple of hours and provides you with some like minded company and creativity, I know it does for me! Thank you to the ladies who put their faith in me and join our team and allow me to be your upline. I have been blessed with so many new friendships because of Stampin Up, I think my happy smile says it all!
 Of course Brussels is the home of the waffle but I didn’t have one this year, opting for a crepe instead!
 I love the buildings and structures in Brussels and it really is the most beautiful city at night time, the Grand Place in particular.
Of course we got some sneak peeks from the new catalogue, this being one of my faves, which is out on 5th January. We also got a paper copy which caused much excitement. Look out for my Launch Night on 8th January.
We are very lucky at these events getting lots of goodies and here is my loot although I have missed off a gorgeous embellishment holder from the Centerstage evening.
Hope you enjoyed my really quick round up of Brussels. Don’t forget our little promotions that we have.

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