Monday, 21 April 2014

Mr & Mrs

Hey there and happy Easter Monday to you! Today I had a MASSIVE sleep in! You know the type of sleep in that you are cross with yourself about as you have wasted at least an hour? Well that was today! Tomorrow is going to be so hard getting up for school!

So I did promise all male themed projects this month and I am hoping you will allow me this one seeing as there is a male on the card and it is to be sent to a couple! It's a half-male make!!!!
 Last Thursday I attended the evening reception of my former next door neighbour's Daughter's wedding. We lived there for 12 years so when we moved in I think Natalie was about 16. I helped her and her Mum design her wedding stationery and she used all Stampin Up card in her designs!!!! I realised on Thursday afternoon that I hadn't made a card (I have been poorly so that is my excuse). I started to make this design up then made an extra few to sell for my son's Kenya fundraising, more details on that HERE. I really love this design and judging by the comments on my Facebook page where I added a little sneak peak you do to!
Hope you like todays makes and I will see you tomorrow (if I survive the early school run!)
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