Saturday, 19 April 2014

Happy Easter

Hello there and Happy Easter (a little early) to you. I didn't blog yesterday as I had an action packed day clearing out our garage and sorting things out. Still loads to do and I will have to spend the weekend sorting it seems! It's looking loads better though and I am having to be ruthless and send things to the charity shop, I am too much of a hoarder!!!

Last night we did go out for a lovely family meal and then to the cinema afterwards to see the new Spider-Man film. Really enjoyed our evening out.

Today I am sharing some of the Easter Treats I made for a friend. I did these this year to raise funds for Ross's Kenya trip. We are doing so well with the fundraising so far but still have a LONG way to go. If you want to help us out each time you shop online please visit this site HERE
I promise there is no catch and if you sign up to Ross's cause you contribute a percentage of your spend every 
time you shop and it costs nothing extra!
 These were made for my friend Helen who asked if I could personalise them, so I added the little banners that were attached to wooden kebab skewers! I think they work really well!
 Hope you like them. I am now thinking of ones I can do for Christmas to help Ross out!
That's all from me today folks, I am spending time with the family over the next few days so may be a couple of days before I blog again.
Have a wonderful Easter

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