Friday, 11 April 2014

Everything is awesome!

Hi there and happy Friday to you! Had a little lie in today before finishing final preps for tomorrows Team Training event.

The card today is the last of the cards from Tuesday evening's class. Lego is HUGE at the moment with the Lego Movie being very popular (hence the title of the post). Lego has been a big part of our lives for the last few years as both boys have grown up with it, in fact I love building it too!
 This card is very simple in its construction, it just takes ages to make it and you get VERY INKY as my ladies found out on Tuesday! You also need a boat load of foam pads for the bricks.
The sentiment on this card is from the Hip Hip Hooray designer kit, I do love this sentiment and it's perfect for boys cards.
Here are all 3 of the cards we made together. I must say I really enjoy making male themed cards, makes a lovely change from butterflies and flowers!
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  1. Ah leg! This reminds me of the times my husband would sit up after our son(now 16) who was 2 would be in bed building star wars cruiser ships as a surprise for him in the morning. Only for our son to play and destroy it! Well then it was ready for the rebuild and extra modifications the next night. I don't know who enjoyed the lego the husband or son! Awesome card as usual. Cheers Donna Z :)