Friday, 10 July 2009

One of those days!

Its been one of those days today, and not a good end to a naff week. Have felt fed up this week for one thing and another, mostly a bit stressed with things, letting them get me down but today was the icing on the cake!
My little boy (age 6) has got a bad upper front tooth (it is basically dead as he bumped it when he was little), this has now caused him to have an abcess on the gum above it!!!! Now even I wouldnt want an abcess and I am 36 let alone 6!!! I got him an urgent appointment today with a different dentist and it was a very awful experience. The dentist sighed and said it was an abcess and what did I want to do!! HE needs his tooth out! So we decided to try and do it there and then! Well he managed to do the whole needle thing and then Evan freaked out!! There was no way he was going to let him take his tooth out! It was awful, he was in tears, I was holding back the tears! We both left feeling traumatised!!
I know in the grand scheme of things it is not a major thing, there are poorly children who every day need to suffer with treatment to help them, but it is hard to see your child in pain and so very very frightened!
Since we have got home he seems to have got over it but we still have to try again as it needs to come out!
I managed to make a card though today!! Hurray, only my 2nd one in July! THis one is for the Friday Sketchers challenge and it is for one of the teachers are my boys school who organises the after school cricket club which Ross has thoroughly enjoyed! He doesnt really have his own class so I thought he wouldnt get many cards etc
Papers are a mixture of the Junior Varsity and the Designer Paper Pad which is a Level 1 hostess set. Sentiment is from Circle of Friendship.

I have punched out 2 stars and customised them with my own cricket balls made with the 3/4 inch punch.

Arty Farty angle!
Bye for now and sorry to drone on earlier!


  1. oh you poor hun, you really have had a tun full, i don't blame you for getting upset re your little boys tooth its horrible to see them in pain and frightened be it minor or major illness etc x

    Please let your little boy read this - Hi my names Emma and when i was 13 I had to have 4 of my first big teeth out (the ones at the side) because i had to many teeth lol, anyway like you i was very scared and wouldn't let the dentist in my mouth... anyway I realised it would hurt a lot more if i kept my teeth so after all the injections ....which i didn't mind i opened up and out they popped i couldn't believe how easy they came out just a quick gentle pull and a little twist and they were out the injection was great and it didn't hurt at all it sounded really funny like crunching but all i felt was the pushing (pressure) i promise! after it felt a bit strange with a gap and it was a tiny bit sore but i had some calpol and it was all ok. be brave and trust your dentist and mum ..she would never let something happen that would be bad for you because she loves you too much x

    I hope that helps him xx
    P.s another fab card x

  2. Oh Jules, I'm so sorry for poor Evan, and you. I know exactly how you feel - it's heartbreaking isn't it. Hope the weekend brings a bit of sunshine for you all.

    A HUGE hug to both of you, and give me a call anytime if you're needing some company.


  3. Well, you know what they say don't you? The only way is up!! Hope things improve for you next week and the tooth thing gets sorted too x Poor little love, it must have been awful for you both.
    Take care Sarah-Jane xx

  4. Oh poor little love I recently had an abcess under one of my back teeth and it was agony unless you have had one you just can't imagine!!! Hope he is feeling better tonight and maybe when it is less painful he will be happy to have it out, they don't usually try it until you have had antibiotics to take the swelling down.
    Great card I am sure the teacher will be thrilled. Sue :o)

  5. Ohh Jules...what an end to the week. It's awful seeing your children in that kind of state. I feel for you. Hope it all works out well. Loving your cricketer card bye the way. hugs.
    Carole x

  6. Great card. Poor Evan, I would have freaked out too. x

  7. Great card, Julie and a fun use of sketch...Hope the weekend is better for you!! Thanks for joining us at Friday Sketchers...Hugs..Jacque

  8. oh I'm so sorry for your son, how horrible.
    your card is great though

  9. Oh dear! traumatic time at the dentist! ouch! hope all is well now???
    love the card tho, really funky!

  10. what a gorgeous card Julie,l love the colours.

    Hugs Riet.x

  11. Hi Jules,
    What a cute card, I love it.
    Isnt it so hard being a mum, you feel every bit of pain that your child does and then some... but keep smiling it will all be sorted soon and Monday's just around the corner so you can start a fantastic new week.
    Take Care and Happy Crafting - Julie xx

  12. Great card Julie. Sorry to hear about your son..I hope things get sorted soon.
    Thanks for joining us at FS.
    Carole x

  13. Beautiful card! Great colours and I love the papers!

    Thanks for joining the Friday Sketchers this week!

    Have a lovely sunday, Hugs Tanja

  14. Awww poor Evan, it must have been awful for you both. James is going to dentist in 4 weeks cos he has a wobbly tooth which isnt coming out so his second tooth has decided to grow behind it milesaway from where it should be - I'm dreading it!
    Take care love Anne x

  15. Great man card. Love the colours and the image. I hope your little boy is better now.