Sunday, 12 July 2009

Another day another trauma!

Well I dont think its been my week!!!
Today my eldest Ross was hit very hard on the head with a cricket ball. He was sat waiting to bat and a boy hit a ball for 6 and it hit Ross on the head! He was very shocked and very upset but he seemed OK. Luckily there was a nurse watching her son in the other team and she did alot of checks on him. We still took him to get checked out after the game.
It just makes you put things in to perspective, and realise how lucky he was, it could have been a lot worse.
He is tucked up in bed now and seems OK.
This afternoon while he was resting I made up the cupcake box and cards for my class this Saturday. I really enjoyed it and I have got everything organised already so no rushing around!
Here is the box that will hold 4 cards and envelopes!
Close up of the glitter!!

And a chunky arty farty angle!!!!

I will show you the cards tomorrow.
Want to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your messages about Evan and his dental problems, he seems OK but we have to go back and do it all again!!!!!


  1. looks like a lovely class I am sure you will all have a fab time

    Love Dawn xx

  2. Hi Jules,
    I should think you've had a terrible weekend but on a brighter note I love this little card holder [being a big cupcake lover myself] I cant wait to see the cards.
    Take Care.
    Julie xx

  3. Goodness the boys seem to have been going through it! Hope both are back on top form soon



  4. Wowww Julie,what beautiful.

    Hugs Riet.x

  5. oh jules xxxx i hope your week gets better xxxx
    stunning card fabulous idea
    love it
    hugs Dawnxxx

  6. Poor Ross, hope he's ok. See you tomorrow. x