Friday, 31 July 2009

Football related antics!

My 2 boys have been on a fantastic football course all week this week. They have been going every day from 10-3 and not only has it given them some exercise and tired them out but I have been able to get on with a lot of work too!!
They have been very well looked after whilst they were there and have thoroughly enjoyed themselves, I must admit I was a bit worried about my little one going but he has had a ball and it has done him a lot of good!!!!!
So we decided to make a card for "Greeny", the coaches surname is Green and they have called him this all week! Only I forgot about doing it until 10pm last night so had to make a quick 10 minute card!!!!
I stamped the footballs all over, they are from the All in the Family accessories set and I have used a trophy die cut that I have had for ages! I used the Schoolbook Serif alpha to personalise the card

Arty farty angle as usual!!!!
Thought I would share a few photos!! Evans team won the World Cup tournament today! HE was Brazil and he was highly delighted to win the T-shirt he is wearing and a medal!! He is happy honestly!! Thats his version of smiling!

Here they are together, I can never get a decent one of them both!

And here is superstar Ross who won the Penalty Shoot out competition!!! He is having a fab week sportswise this week I think!!!

I have got a card to show tomorrow but I am looking after my 11 week old Nephew all day from 11am until about 10pm as his MUmmy and Daddy are going to a wedding!!!! If I dont get chance to post you know why!



  1. WEll done superstar in the making! love the card too! have fun with the baby!... dont get broody! ;-)

  2. Well done the boys :-) Glad they had such fun and what great achievements ...

    Have a lovely day tomorrow


  3. Awww glad they have had a good week Jules, bless them. Great card.
    Enjoy tomorrow - you'll be getting broody!!!!!!!