Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Baby girl card

I've not really got much time for cardmaking for pleasure at the moment so when my Mum asked me to make her a baby card it was a nice change!!!

Her next door neighbour has just had a baby girl! She has already got 2 boys so a little girl is lovely! Made me think it might work out like that for me!!! Then I quickly changed my mind!!!
Her name is Katherine but they are going to call her Kitty for short

Arty farty angle as usual!!!
WARNING - proud Mum moment!!! MY boy Ross and his cricket team won their semi final last night so they are now through to the Cup Final!!! WOoo hooo, I am so proud of him!!! Here is a very small photo of him, he is the one who has just bowled the ball!!!!!!!!

Bye for now!


  1. What a pretty card, love it.

    Well done Ross.

    Natalie x

  2. Lovely card Jules. Should we expect an announcement soon then??? LOL!!!
    Well done Ross and good luck for the final.
    Love Anne x

  3. i had 2 boys then a girl! so could work ;) lol
    love the card and the name is just so sweet! awwww, makes you broody dont it?.... or is it just me???
    PS congrats to son on his cricket! and so you should be proud mum!!!

  4. What a beautiful card, Isnt it lovely making baby cards!!! - I just love it. :)
    Take Care and have a great evening.
    Ju xxx

  5. Yaaay!! Well done Ross!!

    Love this card Jules - how did you do the ikkle vest thingy?


  6. don't get me all giddy now Jules!!! could just see a mini you in pink!! love the card and your handsome cricketer! Elaine x

  7. Way to go Ross!! *Aunty Steph doing a little cheer for you* lol

    Gorgeous card Jules - little girls are a lot more difficult than little boys, trust me!

    Steph x

  8. Go Go Go Ross. Hope your match for the U13s went well tonight.

    Great card Jules. Love it.
    Carole x