Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Where am I?

Hi there!

You may be wondering where I am and why no blog posts?

If you are one of my Facebook followers you may have seen that my eldest son Ross was off school poorly on Monday. Well I knew he wasn't right and took him along to the doctors who took one look at him and sent us down to the Children's A & E Department with suspected Appendicitis. 

Fast forward to today and Ross is recuperating from having his appendix removed yesterday morning via keyhole surgery. It's all been a bit of a rush but we are all rallying round. I have slept at the hospital for 2 nights as he wanted me to stay.

Hoping he will be home tomorrow. If you have emailed me please bear with me while I take a little longer to reply than usual!

Thank you to all who have sent messages and texts.


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  1. Oh no! Poor Ross. Hospital is not a fun place to be - we have spent enough time there with various llnesses to know. I hope he recovers very soon and is home asap. What an adventure you have had this week! Make sure you take photos for your Project Life book ;) Sending {{hugs}}

  2. Hope he is recovering really well now. Must have been quite a shock. Love and hugs Ann x x

  3. So glad your son is on the road to recovery!