Sunday, 5 December 2010

Christmas Rush

Hey there
Saturday afternoon was my Christmas Rush class. It was smaller in numbers than expected due to the horrible weather but we still had a fab time and got 8 different cards made in 2 hours!!
Here is one of the cards, this one took the longest, but I had punched all the shapes out for my ladies!!!
I saw this little santa on a blog from the USA but cannot remember which one!

Here is the room all ready to go for my 9 lovely ladies!

Each card had its own box with all the supplies in for that card and then the boxes moved round after the 15 minutes were up!

Here is my lovely Ross, he often comes and helps me set up, he gets all the chairs out and the tables. He also sorted my Christmas music out for me. He likes the banter with the ladies too and I think they have a soft spot for him too!!! Thanks Rossi!

Here are 2 of my faithful girls, Jill and Vicky busy crafting away!

Thanks for coming girls, it really got me in a festive mood despite not feeling too well!!
Jules x


  1. looks very organised , i reconise Jill ! ,must come to one of your workshops i do miss crafting in a group i have to say .. bless Ross , what a helpful lad.

  2. Love the card Jules. Hope you feeling better soon xx