Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Cupcakes

OOoo its Christmas Eve!!! Are you all ready for tomorrow!! Excited?????
I wanted to show you the cards I made for my first level downline. I really hope they all have them now as I posted them out on Saturday, but who knows with the bad weather.
As you know I love my cupcakes so I decided to make a Christmas Cupcake card!
I am really pleased how it came out even though I was fed up of punching those little blighter holly leaves in the end!!!!!!

Here they all are lined up! I asked my husband and son what they thought they were! They both said Christmas puddings!!!! I told them they are Christmas Cupcakes, and they said there was no such thing!!!!! As if!!

I also bought my team a very very small gift and I wrapped them up in hand stamped wrapping paper.

Hope you like them girls and Merry Christmas
Jules xxx


  1. Happy Christmas to a very special SU Mum!!! The card and pressie arrived and the card is without a doubt a Chismas Cupcake!
    Chis xx

  2. Eeee thanks so much! I opened mine this morning as my one pressie I'm allowed on Christmas Eve! :-)

  3. The card and pressie arrived safe! Can't wait to see what's inside!!!!

    Loving the cupcakes!
    Sarah x

  4. Love the Christmas cupcake Jules!!!

    Have a very wonderful Christmas holiday and I'll see you next in 2011. So here's to a wonderful 2011 too....!!