Sunday, 24 May 2015

Recent Classes

Good Morning. During May I held 3 classes in my small but cosy craft den at home! I have my Saturdays to myself now as all my boys are at cricket so I decided to add in a couple of extra classes just for 4 people from home. They seem to have been well received and I enjoyed them, except having to do a major tidy/move round of my craft room beforehand. For the last 2 classes I did a little Afternoon Tea for my ladies which you can see in some of the following photos.
 Coffee and Walnut muffins and Lemon Drizzle cake - yummy!
Here are the makes from my ladies who did this class on the 9th May.
 This is as tidy as my room is going to get at the moment!
 I even tidied my display unit which has been used as a bit of a dumping ground lately! See the cards on the bottom shelf? We are making those next Saturday at Sheltering Tree class, still 3 places left for this one!
 I even had a gorgeous 4 month old class attendee yesterday, the wee man Hugh, what a little poppet! I had lots of cuddles with him!
If you would like to bring yourself and 3 friends to my craft den for a class then please do get in touch, or I can come to you for a minimum of 6 people!

Right we are off to B&Q, yes on a Bank Holiday, are we crazy?

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