Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Manchester Convention 2013

Hey there and welcome back to my blog today. Today I will be sharing details from last weeks Convention. Firstly I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who approached me to say you love my blog and read every day - it really did touch my heart to hear the lovely things you said. I lost count of all the people whom I spoke to but I remember Irene and Trevor, Baz, Diana from the Netherlands to name but a few - thank you so much and also for your lovely comments on how you love hearing about Evan's dancing!

So this year Convention was ONLY AN HOUR from my house! How fab was that? My hubby dropped myself and Jane my bestie off on Thursday afternoon and the weather was glorious but just a little cold. I think the US Stampin Up staff had prepared themselves for wind, rain and miserable weather so they were pleasantly surprised!
On the Thursday evening myself and 4 wonderful members of my team attended the Silver 2 recception. Here they are with Paula Gorry the Business Development Manager for the UK. This is the first time any of my team have attended this reception as 3 of them got their Silver 2 this year and SJ couldnt make it last year to Convention.
We enjoyed some gorgeous fruit cocktails and then went through to another room where we all got a really useful Stampin Up business folder and matching pen - great for workshops. We had some lovely food, watched demos, listened to speeches and we were welcomed by the Stampin Up Corporate Team.
We were lucky to get sat near the front every time during the weekend and I was so honoured to spend a lot of time walking that stage this year for my achievements during the last year. I am delighted to share with you that again this year I was 3rd in Recruiting, 3rd in Leadership and 5th in Sales - exactly same as last year! Mrs Consistent!!!!!! On a serious note I do want to thank ALL my wonderful team whether they are in my first level or fifth level - we have a wonderful gang and I appreciate them, their efforts and their friendships. To YOU my faithful blog readers, class attendees, workshop attendees, hostesses, customers, and general supporters of my business, without you I would be nowhere! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to do a job I love so much!
 And YES there were freebies! Here is my team really excited to get an All Attendee Giveaway. I have used the blurred picture on purpose as 2 of the smaller items are new products so you cannot see them yet! I also loved this photo as it shows how excited my girls were! Look at little Becky's face (3rd one from left) Love it!
 On the Saturday we arranged a group photo! We had 56 from our team attending but only managed to get around 40 of them here. Love these ladies!!!
 We also accosted some lovely German ladies to take these photos for us!
 And now the bags are all back home, I've unpacked, looked at all my swaps and I will remember the fun times in Manchester!
 Next year we are in Brussels on 16-18 October. Would you like to come with me? Join my team and you can tag along!
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