Friday, 19 October 2012

New Stampin Scrub!

Hello there - its looks as if its going to be really cold out there today - not looking forward to the school run! I am looking forward to the workshop at the lovely Joyce's house tonight and then seeing 34 lovely ladies at our Team Training tomorrow.

Today I thought I would share something a little bit different. Apologies for the slightly blurry photos but I wanted to share the new Stampin Scrub. The scrub design has been improved and here it is! It has rubber feet on both sides for better grip to your work surface.

As you can see compared to the old one above it is larger in size, more square I would say.

And its just generally more appealing to the eye. The hinges are stronger too so all in all its an amazing improvement! And with all those improvements you would think we put the price up? NO!! Its still the same amazing value as before! £13.50 - the cheapest washer/dryer you will ever buy!! *WINK*

I am already ready for tonights workshop! Its all ready and waiting in my kitchen! Looking forward to it Joyce!

Hopefully I will be back tomorrow morning if I get chance to post before our training day!

Julie x

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