Friday, 19 October 2007

Someone has read my blog!!!

Woah!!! Someone (other than my bestest craft bud Natalie who I made read it!!!) has read my blog!!! And left me a comment!!!

Been working this morning (teach music classes 3 mornings a week) so not much crafting today. Had a wedding sample to make up and package and post out for this afternoon.

WAITING FOR STASH TO ARRIVE!!! Ordered £50 worth of goodies from The Glitter Pot yesterday!! Ordered 3 Woodware stamp sets, Hero Arts dinosaur stamp, Changito Monkey stamp and Penny Black Gift Tower stamp!! Can't wait to make cards with these, especially little boys cards as I need to do more of these type!

My craft bud NattyK has really got me into stamping, she has loads of them!! Its great since we have found each other cos now we can share things between us. I have a Cricut and Natty has a Cuttlebug so its supposedly saves us money but I think we egg each other on to buy more stuff!!

Fingers crossed my new toys arrive soon


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  1. Hello again, just me. Good to see you have left another post. Can't wait to see all your glitter pot goodies. You inspired me and I created a blog last night -