Saturday, 27 October 2007

Hold me Bat Boy!


This card won't make sense to many people but I am appearing in Bat Boy the musical in just over 2 weeks time and this is one of the good luck cards I have made.
The marketing posters for the show are all in yellow and red and the opening song is called "Hold me Bat Boy", Bat boy is almost naked when he is found, hence the little bare person holding the bat!!!!

Rehearsals are going well but ticket sales not too good, people don't know the show well enough which is a shame as it is fantastic!! If you live in Leeds please come and see it, Yeadon Town Hall, 13-17 November - I know its a long shot!!!
Craft room is looking a lot better, got my 2 units in place but need some more shelving and little jars/baskets etc.... Back to Ikea tomorrow!!!

My 4 year old helped me sort all my prima flowers in to colour co-ordinated jars tonight, bless him, he really enjoyed it!!!
Thats it for now!



  1. Love the card, they are just perfect for the occasion!

  2. Good luck with your show, sadly a bit to far away to come and see you. I also had some craft retail therapy today see my blog.
    Your question about the flowers, I got them from ebay bargain bag 240 pieces 5.99, checked they are still available

  3. I'm so glad I've found yours and Natty K's blogs, as I love looking at your cards on Do Crafts, but since I started my blog I don't tend to get on there as often!!! Now I have you on mine, I'll be able to stalk your cards more easily :o)


  4. I am down the other end of the country so won't be able to make it but good luck with rehearsals and hope it all goes well :0)