Tuesday, 30 October 2007

New Cards and patience (or lack of it!)

Well I've been busy with Christmas cards for a couple of card stalls I am doing over the next couple of weeks as you can see from the piccies above!

You will notice that none of the cards have sentiments on them. I have left a gap at the bottom to run a sentiment across once I decide how many of each I need, ie Mum & Dad, Grandma Granddad etc.....

Waiting for stash in the post, but its 11.51 and still no postman, they used to deliver at 8.30!!! Waiting for some fab ribbons I ordered on Friday and some stamps I won on Ebay and images from a swap I did with a fellow blogger! And hopefully my Craftwork Cards monthly newsletter!

I have no patience though, I am so bad but at least I realise I am!!! Don't even mention how excited I get at Christmas!!
Still no postie and its now 11.58!!!!!!!


  1. Great cards, Love them all! Really like the clean and tidy layouts, great colours too! I know what you mean about waiting for post, I have been waiting AGES for my Doodlebug stuff to arrive, fingers crossed you get your stuff soon!

  2. You made all these fab fab cards and did rehersal, what do they call you superwoman wish I was so organised. My hanna stamps still havn't arrived today, a bit like you I think I will explode!!!

  3. Fabulous array of cards there Julie..
    Like you I too am waiting for me craftwork newsletter, and even more so agitated for me Craftwork recipe cards lol feel like I am in charlies chocolate factory, coz this month I guest designed i there... I shall be rifeling through posties bag when gets here...lol

  4. Great christmas cards, you must have been busy!

  5. Great christmas cards, you must have been busy!

  6. wow how brilliant are these cards ,they look brilliant ,Dawnx