Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Drum roll please......... I am wireless!!!

My lovely Robin has sorted this out for me!!!! Its taken him around 6 hours and a trip to PC World but he's done it !!! Bet he will be glad to be back at work tomorrow!!!! So I am now wireless but cannot add any photos from here as no idea about accessing shared files etc yet but I suppose we'll get there soon!!

Think I had better go buy him some lagers from the off licence!!!!

Back soon



  1. I work from a mac so it may not be the same for you, but heres what I do.Resize your picture with your photo software I find 1000x750 works well then save the file to your desktop.When you are posting click the picture at the top and it will as you which file you want, choose the resized desktop file and press upload. If at first it doesn't work just try again, sometimes it takes up to 3 attempts!! Hope this helps will pop back again ans see how you are getting on. Welcome to the world of wireless Sue:0)

  2. Sounds like he deserves them! Glad you got it all sorted.