Friday, 13 February 2015

WOWSERS - 5 Years!

Do you have the Timehop App on your mobile phone? It links back to photos and statuses you have shared on Facebook and photos you have taken on your phone. Well usually its cute photos of the boys from a few years ago or old Facebook statuses but today it was me advertising my FIRST EVER ALL DAY EVENT from 5 years ago! This got me thinking, WOW I have been doing my All Day Events at the Church for 5 years and I feel all nostalgic!!

Were you there at this event? Would love you to leave me a comment! I LOVE running my ALL DAYERS and would love you to comment if you have attended one and what elements you enjoy from them. I have managed to find a couple of photos from that event. There is ALWAYS a cupcake at my All Day Events and I usually always take a photo of them! Here are the very cupcakes from that event! Did you have one of these??

 And here is one of the projects we made, it was a Birthday Tin of cards.
 Do you remember it?
I’d like to think my crafting has advanced since these days and also isn’t it funny how trends change? These colours were really on trend then but now they seem very bright!!!

So if you fancy coming along to my next ALL DAY EVENT then its on Saturday 14th March and we will make 24 cards, details below! I can promise you a cupcake too!!!
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