Friday, 31 October 2014

Flowerpot Card

Hello there! Yet again I was missing from my blog yesterday. If you are one of my Facebook business page likers you may have seen why! For the last few weeks I have been in liaisons with the BBC Strictly team! A few weeks ago I applied for a quiz show they are doing on the It Takes Two program to find Strictly’s Biggest Super Fan. Well they had over a thousand entries and I was short listed a couple of weeks ago. I got a surprise call from a researcher who chatted to me and then totally put me on the spot and asked me 20 strictly related trivia questions! Talk about being thrown in at the deep end but I believe I got 15 out of 20!!! They said they would let me know before the end of the month and skip to Tuesday this week when I got another phone call asking me more things about myself including a 15 minute Skype interview that was filmed so the producers could see me. They said the final decision would be based on my trivia answers and the Skype call. On Wednesday afternoon I got another call saying I had been successful and I was now in the final 8 and will be going for filming to the London Studios and I will be on It Takes Two!!! To say I am excited is an understatement but I am also very very scared too and also swotting up big time on my Strictly knowledge! Did you know there have been 162 contestants in the 12 series!!!

OK so that’s why I have been pre-occpied for a couple of days! Back to some crafting. This was the final project of a set of 3 from Tuesday Club a few weeks ago. I also demonstrated this card and helped the ladies at the Flower Club that my Mum attends make a few weeks ago.
 I made a template for the flower pot and drew around it twice and then stuck them both together very carefully with a really fine line of Tombow. Obviously I didnt glue around the top as the flowers need to slide out as demonstrated below. Once you have the template made its really easy to make a few of these up. 
Right I am off back to my Strictly revision with a bit of crafting too!!!
Have a great Friday

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