Friday, 24 October 2014

Convention Day Two - Part 2!

So after lots of fantastic business classes and presentations during the Friday afternoon we headed back to the hotel and had a couple of hours to chill out and get ready for the Awards Night and the Awards Night After Party! 
 We got out glad rags on and seeing as I am into the selfies at the moment I will show you my pre-Awards Night selfie! I am having to wear my glasses most of the time now but usually I don’t wear them on nights out. I have, however, got so used to my face with them on that I don’t think I looked right without them! Plus they matched my frock!
 And another selfie of some of our amazing team and my friend Teri who was staying at our hotel
 I was so so thrilled to see 3 of my girls walk the stage at Convention this year. Sarah-Jane walked for her 5 year service. She is in this photo, you just cannot see her!!!
 The lovely Alex and Kylie walked for a Leadership Award each, they are the 2 girls waving back at us! Was so so proud as I haven’t had anyone walk the stage since the Paris Convention in 2011.
I had no idea if I was up for any awards this year, they are never an expectation at all, just an amazing surprise and bonus if you do win one. I was so so thrilled to come 5th in Recruiting and Leadership in the UK. The funniest moment of the night was when they said “in 5th place with 5 promotions” and my bestie Jane let out the loudest scream you have ever heard!!! We all looked at her (including the presenters on the stage) and wondered how she knew it was me as they hadn’t said my name! She had read the auto-cue on the screen behind us!!!! Imagine my surprise when I was announced as being 2nd in the UK in sales! I was absolutely made up and so so grateful to all my wonderful customers, hostesses, supporters and club ladies! I got dared to take a selfie with Shelli on stage, aka the “shellfie”.  Shelli was more than happy to help me out with my request!
All the top achievers were given these lovely corsages, Unfortunately most of them dropped off on stage or on the way back from the stage but luckily mine managed to stay intact and even made it home in one piece!
 After the high of the Awards we headed to the Awards Night party. It had a Moroccan/Arabian theme to it and there had been lots of effort put into decorating the venue. The band that played were amazing and the dance floor was permanently packed out with people dancing.
 We were served gorgeous crepes and beautiful desserts! I really enjoyed my plateful of desserts!!!
There were lots of opportunities for photos and a few photo props! Here are a few of our team.
 Our feet were certainly throbbing that night and we went back to the hotel at about 11pm. I couldn’t get to sleep for ages as I was on a high and reflecting on this amazing adventure. I never imagined 6.5 years ago that I would be doing this and achieving what I have. I am so grateful for my wonderful team and all the new friends I have met since I joined the Stampin’ Up! Family! 
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  1. AMAZING post and AMAZING YOU !!!! An inspiration for sure Julie :) M xx