Thursday, 10 December 2009

Nearly there!

Are you ready for some cool photos?? I am so excited as the conservatory is nearly finished. You are probably fed up of hearing about it by now! Apologies!
Here it is this morning at about 8.15!!!! My Dad came round to bail some water out as we had a lot of rain over last few days and he has been a star and got it all out for us!
Here is Evan watching his Grandad!

And here it is tonight after they left at 3.30!!!!! They are coming back to do plastering and electrics tomorrow and then flooring on Monday and finnito!!!

This is the right hand corner as you come through door from my office!

Taken from right hand corner, that's my kitchen window!

Taken from other corner showing entry to my office!!!
THanks for looking
Jules x


  1. Wow it's looking fab!! Can't wait to see it when it's all done.

  2. Fantastic! You must be so pleased with it x

  3. Wow Jules, it looks fab and they've done it so quickly. My conservatory took 4 months!!
    Maybe I'll get to see it properly in January at your card class
    Hugs -x-

  4. Oooh Jules it looks fantastic already, cannot wait to see it in the flesh. xx