Saturday, 19 December 2009

The Grand Tour!

Happy Saturday everyone. I cannot believe it but I am poorly again, absoloutely full of cold and it feels like my sinuses are starting to ache too! Hope it goes for Christmas!
SO to cheer myself up I have uploaded all my photos that I took yesterday of my new workspace! I promise these will be the last photos as I know I have been going on about it!!! It is not quite fully as I want it as I have a Christmas tree in there which takes up a lot of room!
OK here is my office space as you look from the lounge, lots more units since last time and I have bought some shelves to go above my desk as I want to get my desk cleared as much as possible!
This tall unit is quite new and just fits into the gap nicely. I have my SU ribbon in the small boxes and the larger boxes hold my extra inkpads. punches and tools that I need for my classes.
The cupboard with the doors holds all my SU punches and other bits and bobs!

My Stamp shelves and paper/card shelves

This has grown in size since last time, I added another unit to the end. The black boxes contain all my envelopes for wedding orders and the Really Useful boxes mostly contain individual wedding orders and also my white and ivory card.

Here is the new addition, my gorgeous conservatoire (dont know why I have been calling it this but it sounds posher!!!!!)
As you can see the tree does take up a lot of room at the moment!

This was how my garden looked yesterday with all the snow!

View from the other end

The holders in the middle have the basics in for classes, adhesive, scissors, scorer/cutter, tombow. dimensionals etc etc.

At the moment I have room for 6 people but once the tree is down I can get another table in

I built this on Thursday night, some of the boxes are empty at moment as I am still faffing about moving things around! The box at the side holds my SU orders that are waiting to be collected!

And here is my special certificate for being the 2nd place Demo of the Year for 2008-2009 along with my catalogues and leaflets and business cards.
I hope you have enjoyed my little tour. I would like to thank all of you who have left me lovely comments about it over the weeks. I feel very lucky to have got this space and am grateful to the company who built it for being so fantastic, the man did promise me it would be ready for Christmas!
Bye for now!
Jules x


  1. Jules I am just GREEN with envy - it's absolutely gorgeous, and what fun you will have getting it all exactly as you want it! Bet you can't wait for Christmas to be over so you can play with it??????

  2. I'm soooooo jealous of your crafting space - mine's the dining room table and the floor!!!! Merry Xmas

  3. I want one of those!!! It all looks so fabulous - you are so lucky!! Wish I was even close enough to sign up for your classes!! Hope your cold gets better! Juliex

  4. okay....will be moving in with you early looks fab Julie!! hope you feel better soon - it's probably cos you are almost burnt out with all the work etc...just try to take it easy this week!!
    love Elaine x

  5. Wow it looks sooooo good! Glad you have it finished so you can concentrate on Christmas and enjoying your new space!
    Hugs Sarah x

  6. Lovely tour thank you very much, looks beautiful bet you can't wait to have your first class in there, sue,x

  7. Hi Julie, I have to confess to being a major`lurker' to your blog for the lastfew months. Thought I'd take the opportunity to say Hi, Happy Christmas, and thank you for all the blogged ideas you have sent my way! Your conservatoire and works space look lovely, and I hope it proves to be an asset in your business and a enjoyable additional space to your home. It is so nice to see business women thriving in the craft market, especially in these days. Take care and God Bless you, Ruth

  8. Forgot to say - hope you get well soon, and a tip for a quick recovery from a cold, is stay off the processed sugar (I know it's hard) but sugar inhibits the bodies natural defences. Drink loads of water and eat fresh fruit, and buy some GOOD honey, locally produced if possible, not supermarket blend stuff. And REST! (I know how hard that is with children though!)

  9. Fabulous! with all that extra room the ideas will be flowing. Next year it will be No1. Congratulations x

  10. Fabulous! with all that extra room the ideas will be flowing. Next year it will be No1. Congratulations x

  11. It all looks really nice,Julie.Sooo organised!!!
    I just started with cold too,eugh! Hope you feel better soon :o)x

  12. Looks fab Jules. Enjoy and Happy Christmas to you and yours! ps Have you booked that trip yet! Hugs Zx

  13. Oh it is nice to see it all finished and ready, it looks gorgeous, hope I can get to see it in person some time :)
    Hope you are feeling better than you was
    Hugs Gina xxx

  14. Thanks for the fab tour of your craft room/conservatoire!! They both are gorgeous and I'm sure you can't wait to get over your cold and have a play! xx

  15. Looks stunning!
    We are tree sisters...but mine is black with diff colour baubles


  16. 2 great spaces Julie, you must be thrilled to bits.

  17. OMG!! its beautifullll....

  18. its is stunning, i just adore it, wanna swap for my cupboard under the stairs lol xx