Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Another Angry Bird!

Hello there and good morning to you!! Had a lovely training session with my team last night and I am looking forward to seeing even more of them on Saturday when we have our re-scheduled All Day Training that was cancelled due to snow! Fingers crossed we get to have our session this time round!

On Sunday my youngest went to a party at the Lazerzone and he needed a card for the Birthday so I decided to play it safe for a 10 year old and I made another Angry Bird card - not quite as detailed as the one I made Evan in November - which you can see HERE

I asked Evan if his friend liked Angry Birds and he said he didn't think he liked them that much and could I make him a Minecraft card instead! Well I didnt know where to start with that so I said it's Angry Birds and that's that! Imagine our delight when his pal had a fantastic home baked and decorated Angry Bird cake!!!!!!

I have used various punches for the characters and you can work most of them out I am sure. A couple of things are hand cut too!! I think the key to these little fellas is the inking around the edges! It really makes them pop!

The numbers are from the Memorable Moments stamp set. If you would like to have a go at these then all the punches are available through me! AND if you spend £45 you can choose one of the items below for FREE!

Julie x


  1. Brilliant - I love Angry Birds and I'm way at the other end of the age scale!! Clever use of punches

  2. Great card for youngsters.I think that Lexie and Lucas would love to do this one - what size card did you use??