Sunday, 16 February 2014

My week as a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

Hey there and welcome to my blog this morning. Today I have a something a little different to share with you! I am going to share in pictures my typical week as a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator! This year my aim is to be super organised and spend more time with my family! Pleased to say it's going very well at the moment and I am also encouraging my team members to improve their time management skills too! 
 OK, this is my craft room. I spend a lot of time in here during the week days and you will notice there is no computer in here! That is upstairs in our family room - it's far too distracting so I just listen to music in here or watch programmes on catch up on my ipad. On average I spend 4.5 hours a day in here during the day and have structured my day very strictly so I get my jobs done!
I spend a lot of time stood here cutting card or rolling things through my Big Shot. People have asked what room this was supposed to be in our house! Well it was supposed to be a utility room and a small study but I asked them not to put the wall in that divided the two rooms. So I still have the cupboards like you would have in the utility room which houses a lot of my products and I have the added bonus of a workspace for cutting etc….
 Since SAB started I have been busy with classes and parties and although I love to be able to see the floor in my craft room (like in the photos above) you will often find bags like this packed ready for parties, classes and events.
 Talking of parties, check out the display I did at Jo's party last Saturday. This is her good friend Maggie's amazing kitchen and you can see the lovely Maggie in the background, she was so organised with all the refreshments. This is only half her kitchen - she has the perfect space for a Stampin Up party!
 This is a sight you will often see at our house, the evidence that Mr Brown, or Mr UPS has called with his deliveries for me. My Mr UPS is very good to me, and he brings the very heavy ones in for me.
On Wednesday within minutes of the 2 parcels being delivered I then had a less exciting delivery, my Asda shopping. Now I know this looks a lot for a week, but some of the bags only have 2 items in (don't you hate that!). The good news is I have to carry all of this upstairs to our kitchen! I did it all in 5 trips this week!!!
 So once I packed the Asda away (yawn)! I got to open the delivery from Lucy's party and dish out the goodies so she could come and collect them. If I have the orders delivered here from a party I like to make a thank you tag for all the guests.
 And here are the tags I made for the lovely ladies. As you can see there were a lot of orders on the night.

 Lucy the hostess gets a special tag attached to a card to thank her for hosting an amazing party and for being such an enthusiastic supporter of my business and an all round love!
Once a month during the week I run 2 training sessions for all levels of my downline. We now have a lovely new venue for one of them, my local Cricket Club. The girls loved the change in venue and I am so pleased we now have room to accommodate more people! I deliver business training, go through the "need to knows" and we also craft and make nice things, whilst enjoying each others company.
 My weekends are spent a little differently although there is usually some crafting in there somewhere. Yesterday I was at the dance school from 10am until 1pm. I came prepared with lots of spiral flowers rolled out and my tub of Tombow glue! Whilst Evan danced I rolled those flowers like they were going out of fashion! You can see Evan in the shot, his teacher Sue is dancing backwards.
 After Evan finishes his class he then has an hour wait until his private lesson. We chat and he plays on the ipad and I nip over to the little bakery across the road to get him a treat - usually a flapjack or something. He then has an hour private lesson with his teacher Tim and the lovely Abigail now dances with him in his lesson (this gives me a rest as I used to do it!). You can see them in the distance on these  photo.
 You can also see that I finished ALL my flowers that I had rolled out - I should have done some more!
Phew I feel tired just writing all that! If you would like more information on being a Stampin Up demonstrator, whether it be as a business builder or a hobbyist then please do drop me an email at the address at the top of my blog.
If you liked having an insight into my days then please pop on over to my Stampin Up Facebook page where I always add little tit bits and photos of projects, I'm only 6 likers away from 500 - would love you to LIKE!!
Have a great Sunday
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  1. Really loved this post Julie, great to see what you get up to. Love all the photos, thanks so much for sharing with us xx

  2. You are waering me out Jules, l hope you had a lie down after the mammoth post. Hope you are well - love the flowers btw x Susan x