Thursday, 5 December 2013

Team Training Christmas Parties

Good Morning! On Tuesday night and yesterday morning I held 2 Team Training/Christmas parties for the girls in our team who are local enough to be able to get here. We always have food at these events and everyone chips in and brings something. Mr Buble entertained us as usual on the singing front and we did a make and take, caught up with all the Stampin Up business and also did a little game!

I made some little gifts for the girls who could attend - Sweetie Sledges! I saw these on Pinterest and just had to have a go at them! My top tip would be to start at the bottom with a 4 finger Kit Kat. I had a mad dash to the shop on Tuesday as unbeknown to me I had put 2 packets of chunky Kit Kits in my basket and only one pack of the 4 finger ones!!!! The chunkys will not fit!!!

Here they are all wrapped up! 
There was a lot of chocolate on my craft desk as I had to make 16 of these! 
And of course a little handmade card was in order! I decided to make all my own envelopes for the cards but due to lack of paper had to make small envelopes hence the small cards. They may be small but I LOVED making these and they took a lot of work inking those little holly leaves!
The envelopes were made from a piece of 6x6 on the Envelope Punch Board
Here are all the envelopes I made and then here they are all addressed.

I created a Stampin Up wordsearch for my girls to do using 25 Stampin Up related words but I was mean and I didnt give them a list of words, they had to just think and then find them all! WOW I have never known them to be so quiet!! Look at them all here with their heads down, exam conditions you know!!! Well done to Anne who found 24 out of 25!
After the wordsearch they were ready for some food so here we are with our little spread! Thanks to Nic and Sharon for doing the cooking/warming up!
 And of course I got to repeat all of this on a smaller scale at my house yesterday morning for 4 of my ladies. Here we are all set up in my family room. We usually meet up in my craft room but it was far too messy after the aftermath of the envelopes and cards so we had our soiree here which worked well as the kitchen is next door!
 Which served as our food and our swaps/display area.
 Ok folks, thats all from me today. I hope I gave you a glimpse into our party night and if you would like to be at next years then I would be happy to welcome you to our group of girls!

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  1. What cute ideas!! I love the candy sleds made with candy canes...super fun :)