Thursday, 17 March 2011

Butterfly Prints class

Hello there

Promised I would be back with crafty stuff! Firstly thank you to everyone for your lovely comments about my dancing!! SO nice of you!!

On Saturday I held my Butterfly Prints class with 6 lovely ladies. This is Nicolas version of the project they were making as I cannot get my photo to the top!!! Lovely job Nicola!! The wallets do contain 4 cards and envelopes but I just took photos of the wallets!

This one is my version!
Jenny was our youngest crafter, she is nearly 10 and she did very well, its a while since she has been to class and it was lovely to see you Jenny! Have a lovely birthday!

This is Ginnette's version, loving her curled up butterflies!! Ginnette was slightly worse for wear at class (self inflicted) but she still managed to finish first and produce such lovely work.

This is my lovely dancing friend and downline Shazza with her creation, beautiful work Shazza (we wont mention the card you had to throw in the bin!!! LOL!!)

This is Claire's version. I love the Pear Pizazz butterfly on the cover and wish I had thought of it! Claire is really good at coming up with her own versions of my projects!! Love it!

This is Jane's version (Jenny's Mum). Jane almost has to "double craft" as she helps her daughter Jenny a lot and they do the projects together, except Jane kept getting told off for rushing ahead!!!!

This photo shouldnt be here but I am having problems removing it! Its Nicola's project which I showed above!
And finally I think Claire won the prize for the most bits on the carpet at the end of class even though on this photo there doesnt look to be as much!!

Thanks for coming girls, I always have a lovely time at class and appreciate your support!

Jules x

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  1. Those are really lovely Jules, I so wish I lived near you as would love to join in. Will make it one day though.
    Also congratulations re your dancing, you are doing so well and look great. Anne