Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Back down to earth!

Sorry for the lack of posts!! Had the busiest Sunday ever!!! We were at a dance competition for 1o hours!!! Was very tiring but so worth it!!!

Evan was dancing too and he did really well! Was very hard for him as he has just moved up to the Juvenile age group so he is dancing against boys and girls who are 3 years older than him!

Here he is with his partner Molly!

And here they are doing the quickstep! I was so proud of him as he led her all the way round the floor and didnt crash into anyone. Its the first time they have done ballroom pairs and they were very brave!!!

I did the Tango for my ballroom dance, here I am partnering Pete (my dance partner). This was his heat, I wasnt dancing for me so my number is covered up, the judges were marking him! I have got my scary Tango face on!!!

And this is me in my heat, dancing with the very tall Rob!!! Happy to say I came 4th in Tango and qualified for Blackpool finals already!!

I danced Rumba for my latin section and OMG, I came first!!!!!!! Not bad for a mum of 2!!!!!!! Here I am with my trophy!!

Sorry for the dancing related post, will be back with crafts tomorrow!

Jules x


  1. Congratulations - well done to you and Evan too

  2. Congratulations - well done. And congratulations to Evan too!

  3. Ah well done Jules! You look terrific! x

  4. congratulations to you! What an achievement and so so lovely to share it with Evan too

  5. Congratulations! Didn't YOU do well!
    Chris xx

  6. Congratulations Julie, well done.

    Kath x

  7. HUGE WELL DONE to you both, you look incredible in your vibrant frocks, the Belle of the ball for sure, hugs xxx

  8. Wow, huge congratulations on your achievement.....